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Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

Why is Emilly Hadrill a trusted name in hair extensions?

I began my business in 2007 after personally discovering how hair extensions could enhance my appearance and give me longer, natural looking hair. Being frustrated with my naturally fine hair which would never grow past my shoulders, I turned to hair extensions in the hope of thickening and lengthening my hair whilst keeping a natural look.


After a quick and easy 90-minute appointment, not only did hair extensions give me the look I was wanting, I walked out feeling more confident than I ever had been. I fell in love with hair extensions because of the way they made me feel, and the way they made me look. I could walk down the street and know that even if I wasn’t wearing makeup or my best clothes, at least my hair looked great.


This led to an extreme passion for extensions and I wanted to learn everything about them and what was possible when applying them. I went through various training courses to learn multiple methods and best practices and continued to work on improving and developing my extensions knowledge and skills.


What I found was that salons didn’t really understand how to get the best result with hair extensions for their clients- whether it be effectively blending colours or cutting the extensions into the natural hair to give a natural and beautiful effect.


I took the leap, and started Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions so that I could use my knowledge to develop a salon that specialises in hair extensions to give clients, like you, the look they want, helping them feel more confident than ever.


Today we have four salons around Australia offering all hairdressing services. With a team of over 30 talented and experienced hairdressers we love performing transformations every day that leave clients with a smile from ear to ear. By focusing on quality and not quantity, and ensuring we are further perfecting and improving what we do each and every day – we provide a level of service which has been the major growth factor to now have four salons across three states.


We have a client base of over 10,000 people with many clients being in their 16th year of visiting us. We’d love you to be part of the family.

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Stylist Spotlight

Meet our expert stylists and find out why we are the extension experts

5 Ways Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions Can Help You…

1. We’re extension experts…


Our salons have been designed from the ground up to specialise in hair extensions and colouring. A lot of salons offer hair extensions, but only as one of their many services. At Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions, we do them day in and day out.


We’ve spent over 16 years fine tuning our processes and technicians so that we provide you with a detailed consultation to determine which method of extensions suit you. We always deliver immaculate application and proper maintenance and after care.


All of our team are experienced hairdressers and have a true passion for long-hair styling with extensions. They’ve all completed our detailed training on the selection, application and maintenance of hair extensions and are true experts in the field.


2. We have premium hair and colouring products…


We’ve taken the time to trial all the different brands of hair extensions and colour products on the market until we found the premium products that gave the best results. We now exclusively use J’adore Hair Supplies for our hair extensions and care products, while using the leading colour brand L’Oreal for all our colours.


All our hair is 100% Remy, which gives a much better result as the hair cuticles are intact and running in the same direction. We stock multiple options to suit different budgets, and hold a large range of stock, meaning we can give you the best colour match for your hair.


And by using our team’s skills and experience with L’Oreal’s multitude of colour options we can find the right shade to make your extensions look completely natural.


3. We offer all the leading application methods…


The best method of applying hair extensions depends on you and your lifestyle. To make sure you get the most suitable application for you, we offer and have specialised in all the leading application methods.


This includes regular tape extensions, invisible tape, regular weft extensions, invisible weft extensions or even micro bead extensions. There are pros and cons with all these methods, but by offering all of them we can make sure you get the one that suits you and your hair type.


One of our experts will identify the best method for you at your consultation.


4. Proper maintenance and aftercare…


Maintenance is vital for the longevity of your hair extensions, but it can be daunting and confusing to know what you need to do. We make sure you’re educated on the proper maintenance and aftercare process, and we support you with that process every step of the way.


You still need to take responsibility for your maintenance and aftercare, but we give you a step-by-step guide on what you need to do. As well as guiding you we offer the leading range of care products that have been designed specifically for hair extensions from our premium hair extensions provider, J’adore Hair Supplies.


We’ll also make sure you’re booked in at the right time for your maintenance appointment with your hairdresser, who is one of a team of highly-trained experts on how to maintain your hair extensions. This helps to make sure your extensions remain looking as good as when you first had them done, for as long as possible.


You are also offered a complimentary follow up appointment should you wish to make any changes to the length of your new hair, or change the position of any of the extensions.


5. All provided in a beautiful environment…


All our salons have been designed to offer you a comfortable and beautiful environment for you to relax. This is your time to be pampered and spoiled, to get away from it all while we complete your hair transformation.


You’ll be looked after by a team of professionals from being greeted on arrival with a beverage of your choice, to sitting down with your stylist for a consultation before anything is done to make sure we understand exactly what you want and you understand what we’re doing and how much you are investing.


We want you to be comfortable while your treatment is being completed and will make sure you fully understand how to maintain your hair once you leave the salon.


We aim to be one step above your normal hair salon. Our exceptional service and outstanding quality are built with YOU in mind. We do everything in our power to ensure your hair is exactly what you wanted, and we do everything to ensure you’re completely delighted with it.


Call 1300 181 000 now and talk with an expert or click on one of the links above to find out more about how we can help you…

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