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Author:EH Hair Extensions

EH Hair - ombre hair model 01
Mar 12 2021

How To Know if Ombre Hair is Right for You?

Ombre hair colour is usually darker at the roots before gradually lightening from the mid-lengths to ends. This hair trend is still going strong and is worn by many celebrities and influencers. This may be due to the fact that this style has a version for every hair type and length and also how natural it can look. But how will you know if this hair trend will suit your hair needs and style? Check out the following basic requirements for you to know if ombre is right for you....

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EH Hair, static hair model 01
Mar 02 2021

EH Hair Tips and Tricks for Static Hair

Static hair can ruin your day as it can make your hair frizzy and difficult to style. This hair-raising experience occurs when your hair constantly rubs against your clothing. As a result, static electricity is produced. This creates an electric charge that builds up on your hair, leaving you with an electrified look. You are likely to have this annoying hair condition during the winter season or when inside heated indoor environments. Fortunately, it's easy to deal with using the following self-help strategies.   Use Dryer Sheets This technique does not only work...

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EH hair & Extensions - blonde tape hair extensions model
Nov 06 2020

9 Benefits of Tape Hair Extensions

Do you want to achieve fuller hair naturally? Are you planning to try a new hairstyle? With tape in hair extensions, you can add extra length, thickness, and volume to your hair in just a few minutes. Tape in hair extensions have pre-taped wefts that are composed of adhesive. Just like other types of hair extensions, they are usually one inch wide and are made from 100% human hair. This breakthrough in the beauty industry continues to rise in popularity because it has a lot of things to offer. Let’s...

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EH Hair - hair extensions model - blog article - how to wash hair extensions
Sep 16 2020

A First-Timer’s Guide to How to Wash Hair Extensions

Now that your hair extensions are officially installed, you need to care for them correctly if you want them to last.   If you want your extensions to remain smooth and shiny, you can’t wash them in the same way you do your natural hair. With the right care, you can enjoy your extensions for 6 months or longer, especially if they’re made with real human hair.   The general rule is that you only really need to wash your hair extensions once there’s a product build up – this only applies to...

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EH Hair salon in Brisbane
Sep 10 2020

Essential Things to Know Before Visiting a Hair Salon

If you’re planning your next hair salon visit, it’s time to get clear on the results you want when you walk out the door.   Changing your hair colour or getting a dramatic cut can affect you in a big way, leaving you with more confidence and a feeling of empowerment. However, before you sit down in that stylist’s chair, it’s important to set some realistic expectations.   What You Should Know Before Your Hair Appointment To ensure you achieve beautiful results when visiting a hair salon, here are some essential tips and considerations.   Understand Your...

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does stress cause hair loss - featured blog image
Sep 03 2020

Does Stress Cause Hair Loss?

We all feel and experience stress in different ways. Whether we are stressing out over a task at work or a major life change, it’s important to remember that you aren’t alone. Stress doesn’t last forever.   Despite that, it is important to recognise the effects stress has on our bodies, particularly our hair. Stress can impact our hair in a number of ways, often leading to a dry scalp, oily roots, breakage, dry strands and, most concerning, hair loss.   Some hair loss every day is normal. In fact, the average person...

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how to braid with hair extensions - EH Hair model image
Aug 27 2020

How to Braid with Hair Extensions

Braids are such a cute hairstyle, and are perfect for all occasions. However, while braids are one of our favourite hairstyles, they can be difficult to achieve with hair extensions.   Wearing your hair extensions in braids often reveals those bonds, tapes or wefts that you want to keep hidden and can end up looking very messy. Luckily, there are ways around this problem.   While learning how to braid with hair extensions often takes a bit of time and practice, the outcome is definitely worth it. When done properly, the added...

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professional hair care products - eh hair extensions shop
Aug 20 2020

Why You Should be Buying Professional Hair Care Products from Salons

We all want to maintain healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. In order to do this, you need to be smart about where you buy your hair care products from.   You aren’t going to achieve perfect hair by using supermarket products. Next time you get your hair cut or coloured, ask your hairdresser for their professional recommendations.   Here are five reasons why you should be buying professional hair care products from salons.   Nourish your hair with active ingredients The biggest difference between professional and supermarket hair care products lies in the quality of ingredients. We expect...

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EH Hair clip-ins 2019-08-19
Aug 14 2020

Excellent Reasons to Try Clip-In Hair Extensions in 2020

Your hair is one of your most noticeable and versatile features.   It’s always fun to try new hairstyles but not everyone has the time or patience to grow their hair. Long, thick hair is a dream for many but it also requires extra care. This is where clip-in hair extensions come in.   Clip-in hair extensions are more popular than ever. They’re available in wefts that vary in width and can be used to lengthen or thicken your hair in a matter of minutes. All this without the need for assistance from a...

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hair loss model - losing hair blog - featured image
Aug 06 2020

Am I Losing a Normal Amount of Hair?

If you’ve ever worried about losing your hair or going bald, know that you’re not alone. It’s so easy to think up the worst-case scenario when you’re met with large clumps of hair in the shower. What about the hair that ends up in your brush after styling? How normal is it?   Everybody wants to be able to enjoy a thicker head of hair for as long as possible but how do you know whether you’re currently losing hair at an acceptable rate?   Let’s take a closer look.   Hair Loss...

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