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Weft (Beaded) Hair Extensions

Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

EH Hair Beaded Hair Extensions

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Have you always wanted a longer and fuller hairstyle? Whether your natural hair has stopped growing or you do not want to wait, beaded hair extensions may be the way you can achieve the beautiful style that you have always wanted. They can add length and volume instantly and help you achieve the celebrity style you are looking for.

What are Beaded Hair Extensions?

Beaded hair extensions are a popular and semi-permanent method suitable for women who have thicker hair. They are created from 100 percent human hair, which gives them the natural look and soft texture that you are longing for.


Beaded hair extensions have wefts of hair, which is Remy hair in a long seam. This is attached securely to the head and it is like a strip of hair, as opposed to strands. This means a full look with fewer attachment points. It also avoids the stringy look at the ends, which can result from other hair extension methods. The hair extension beads hold the hair in place. There are hardly any tools involved in fitting weft bead hair extensions, which means they are not damaging to the natural hair or scalp.


No one will know that you are wearing hair extensions and you can still enjoy your favourite styles. The thick double drawn wefts are measured to fit the sections leaving approximately one inch of natural hair around hairlines. This is in order for the hair to be worn up without seeing any attachments. Of course, there are different lengths and colours that you can choose from to match your natural hair.

Do Bead Extensions Damage Your Hair?

Some hair extension methods are known to cause damage to your natural hair. This is not what you want when you wish for your natural hair to grow. But the good thing is that this should not happen with bead hair extensions.


Beaded hair extensions do not require any damaging tools to be used on the natural hair during attachment. This includes no destructive glues, damaging chemicals or heat exposure. Only a gentle clamp tool is used to secure the hair extension beads in place with the natural hair. Thus, there is no damage to the natural hair that is growing or the follicles. It should be remembered that you can not run your fingers through the hair at the scalp like individual micro bead extensions.

Are Beaded Hair Extensions Comfortable to Wear?

The last thing you want is to discover the hair extensions you have chosen are uncomfortable or heavy to wear. But this does not happen with beaded hair extensions. They are designed to be comfortable to wear all day; most people forget that they are even wearing them. The weight is evenly distributed, which is going to put less stress on the natural hair. Not only does this feel more comfortable, it also means there is less pulling and damage to the natural hair over time. Of course the first time you wear any extensions there is a period of ‘getting used’ to the new feeling and those with ultra sensitive scalps should ask for a test first.

How Long do Beaded Hair Extensions Last?

Beaded hair extensions can last a long time. It is always important that you take care of your beaded hair extensions, as they are made from 100 percent human hair. This is going to make sure that they last longer. They can last around six-twelve months when they are properly cared for. Taking the time to wash and air dry them will allow them to stay clean and healthy, as well as cutting down exposure to heating tools.


Beaded weft hair extensions will need to be maintained every four to six weeks. This is due to the natural hair growing and the extensions have to be readjusted so that they look natural and do not put strain on the natural hair. Thus, maintenance appointments should be made so that the extensions can be moved up into their original position again.

How are Beaded Hair Extensions Attached?

The process of having beaded hair extensions attached is relatively quick compared to some other methods. In particular, it is a lot faster to attach them than it would be for individual strands. This is due to the wefts of Remy hair. A technician will place the weft of hair horizontally against the ahead to achieve the desired length and volume.

There will also be sections of natural hair that are pulled through beads, which will secure the weft of hair in place. Normally, the small sections will be around ¾ inch apart. Rows of beaded hair extensions are added to create the desired volume and length. The removal process that is involved with beaded hair extensions is simply and quick too.

What Do All Hair Extension Packages Include?

  • Premium Remy J’adore hair applied with the method of your choice.
  • Professional application by a qualified technician.
  • Professional cut and blend by a qualified technician.
  • Follow up appointment if it is requested.
  • All prices are inclusive of GST.