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Clip-in Hair Extensions Brisbane

Clip In Hair Extensions Brisbane

Got an event coming up where you want to wear a fuller, longer hairstyle? Or do you have those days where you just wish your hair was a little thicker? Clip-ins let you add volume and length to your natural hair, simply unclipping at the end of the day.

Easy to use, premium quality and heat style-able, Remy clip-ins give you the freedom to create a glamorous, fuller and longer hairstyle – without the commitment of other hair extension methods.

At EH Hair & Extensions in Brisbane, we only settle for hair extensions of the best quality, ensuring that our clip-ins are made with 100% Remy hair and manufactured in a manner that retains the health of the hair.

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Advantages of Remy clip in extensions

Made with Remy hair, EH Hair & Extensions clip-ins are the highest quality of clip in extensions in the market. Remy hair extension clips can be heat styled to create the look you want, colour treated to blend in with your natural hair and washed as normal.

Hair extension clips easily snap onto and off your hair, making for a fuss-free application process and letting you simply un-clip at the end of the day or after a special occasion. Our clips are designed to stay firmly in place, without damaging your natural hair.

As well as being simple to use and giving you the most freedom, clip-ins require the least amount of maintenance when it comes to hair extension methods. While tape and microbead methods have their many benefits, they require visits to the salon once your natural hair grows, as the extensions will need to be moved up in place. With clip-ins, you’re free to clip and unclip whenever you please, simply following the care instructions to keep them in their premium condition!

Not only do they make for the easiest, most simple to maintain hair extension method, but they look and feel soft, natural and healthy. This is because they are! Remy hair is real human hair that has been treated in a way that keeps the hair at its healthiest.

Although synthetic hair extensions or other types of human hair extensions may be a little cheaper, their lower quality means less flexibility when it comes to how you use them, and far less shelf life. Some clip-ins can look quite unnatural and be less healthy than your normal hair, which will make them stand out once applied.

f you want the most natural-looking hair and the freedom to heat style or colour your clip-ins as you please, it is definitely worth investing in Remy hair.

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What is 100% Remy hair?

Remy hair is human hair that still has the cuticle intact, meaning that every strand runs in the same direction. Not all types of hair extensions that are made with natural human hair are necessarily the same quality as Remy.

Some alternative types of human hair extensions are stripped of their cuticles before being layered with silicone, which harms the health of the hair and ends up looking quite dry and even unnatural once they have been worn and washed a few times.

The healthiest, strongest and most durable type of hair extensions, Remy hair looks and feels the best, lasts the longest and offers more versatility in the way that they can be used. Remy can be coloured, heat styled and washed, just like your normal hair. Following the right methods, colour treating, heat styling or washing your Remy clip-ins won’t damage the quality of the hair.

EH Hair & Extensions model 03, 100% Remy Clip-ins

How to apply and care for EH Hair clip-ins

Using our clip in sets

Our hair extension clips provide a completely fuss-free application process. With seven individual pieces, our clip in sets are available in a variety of colours and thickness levels, including fine, medium and thick.

To apply the clips, simply attach them to strands of your natural hair, near the roots and underneath enough of your hair to conceal the clips. You can space out the clips, applying them to various sections of your hair to create a natural look.

While you wear your clip-ins, they should feel comfortable, and stay firmly in place without pulling on your hair. When applied correctly, the hair extension clips should be invisible, even when your hair slightly moves around. Although the clips attach firmly, they won’t damage your hair as you wear them or pull on strands as you unclip them when correctly applied.

Heat styling Remy clip-ins

Since our clip-ins are made with 100% Remy Russian hair, you will be able to heat style them with a straightener or curling wand. Get a sleek, straight style, wear beachy waves or create bouncy curls for the day or night.

Just remember to treat your clin-ins with the same care as your natural hair when heat styling! We recommend using a heat protectant before using a straightener or curler in your clip-ins. For the best application, it’s best to heat style your clip-ins before clipping them into your hair.

…Or, style your hair in a ponytail or bun!

Not only can you heat style our clip-ins, but you can put your hair up whenever you like, without worrying about the hair extension clips being noticeable. Our clips will lay flat on your head, easily hiding underneath your natural hair.

Clip in hair care

Although clip-ins won’t be in your hair 24/7, you will still need to keep them clean and untangled to maintain their premium quality. To remove dirt, grease or anything that often builds up in your natural hair from your clip-ins, wash them with a good shampoo and conditioner.

Avoid cheaper products as they are commonly made with ingredients that can interfere with the health of the hair in the long-term. You can find quality products that are suitable for hair extensions at certain salons and stores that specialise in hair care. Not sure where to find the right products? EH Hair & Extensions stocks a range of hair care products that are perfect for keeping hair extensions in pristine condition. Check out our range here.

Sure, clip-ins require the least amount of maintenance, but they still need the right care to keep them looking their best and lasting for a long time. In fact, when correctly cared for, Remy clip-ins can be wearable for 12 to 24 months.

EH Hair & Extensions in Brisbane – get the highest quality clip in hair extensions!

If you’re looking for extensions that will give you the most use, flexibility, and natural look, opt for Remy hair extensions.

At EH Hair & Extensions in Brisbane, we ensure that our extensions are made with 100% Remy hair, offering the finest quality of extensions. In a set of seven and available in a variety of colours and thickness levels, our clip-ins are all you need to create the style you want, whenever you please!

If you need styling with clip-ins for a special occasion or need some assistance with the right way to apply your clip-ins, our Brisbane team are here to help. As hair extension experts, we also offer a range of semi-permanent hair extension methods, including weft, microbead, tape and invisible tape at our Brisbane salon.

Have any questions or need help choosing your best clip in hair extensions Brisbane? Contact us today.

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