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Clip-in Hair Extensions Melbourne

Remy Clip In Hair Extensions Melbourne

At Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions, we’re experts in clip in hair extensions right here in Melbourne. We have found that many of our clients choose clip in hair extensions over other types of extensions because they are so easy to use, and almost anyone can use them, even with shorter hair.

Made with high quality, premium Remy European hair, our extensions can easily be clipped in or out of your hair in no time and easily blend in with your natural hair. Thanks to their temporary nature, clip-ins are one of the best, most affordable and fastest ways to change the look of your hair.

Russian clip in hair extensions, before and after 01, EH Hair

The benefits of Remy clip-ins

The biggest benefit of using our hair extension clips is that they are made with 100% Remy hair, which is the highest quality of hair used in hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions can be colour treated, heat styled and washed, just like your normal hair. Out of all the clip-in options out there, Remy hair will look and feel the most natural, and will remain in the best condition for much longer.

When it comes to daily wear, hair extension clips offer the most flexibility, as they can simply be unclipped whenever you feel like wearing a lighter or shorter hair style. They are perfect for special occasions, giving you the freedom to create the hairstyle you want and return to your normal hair at the end of the day.

While other methods of hair extensions, like tape and microbead, can offer a long list of benefits as well, they do require visits to the salon to be moved up in place as your natural hair grows. Simply snapping onto your natural hair with easily concealable clips, clip-ins can be worn when you feel like adding volume and length, without the commitment!

At EH Hair & Extensions, we pride ourselves on providing methods of achieving fuller, longer hair, without damaging your natural hair. So, just like all of our methods, hair extension clips won’t damage the health of your hair.

What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is 100% human hair that has its cuticle intact, with every strand running in the same direction. This means that, when hair extensions are made with Remy hair, they are less likely to tangle, and can be colour treated, heat styled and washed just like your normal hair.

Not all human hair extensions are Remy hair. Some extensions are stripped of its cuticles and layered with silicone, which harms the long term health of the hair and ends up looking poor quality once the silicone wears off.

The most premium quality of hair extensions, Remy hair remains healthy, strong and durable with the right application methods and following some easy hair care instructions.

A guide to EH Hair clip-ins: how to use them and keep them in their premium condition!

Applying our clip in hair extension sets

Hair extension clips give you the easiest application method. Our sets come with seven individual pieces, in your chosen colour and level of thickness.

For the best look, simply clip the hair pieces near the roots of your natural hair, underneath a good amount of your natural hair to hide the clips. The seven individual pieces allow you to space out the hair, placing them in the right sections of your hair to create the most natural look.

Styling Remy hair extensions

Made with Remy Russian hair, you have the freedom to get that flawless, sleek straight style with your hair straightener, or create glamorous, bouncy curls with your curling wand.

When heat styling, we recommend styling the individual pieces before applying them to your hair. Just like with your natural hair, you should always use a heat protectant before styling.

Model 01, clip in hair extensions Melbourne, EH Hair salon

Caring for clip-ins

To keep your clip in hair extensions in the best condition, wash them with a quality shampoo and conditioner when needed. If you plan on regularly heat styling the clip-ins, we recommend occasionally using a leave in conditioning treatment to keep the hair at its healthiest.

When washing or applying products to your clip-ins, stay away from the cheaper and lower quality shampoos and conditioners that are commonly bought from supermarkets. These products are often quite damaging to the hair. Instead, purchase some quality products from a hair salon or store that specialises in hair care. If you’re not sure where to look, at EH Hair & Extensions, we stock some high quality hair care products that are especially designed to keep hair extensions in their best condition. Worry not about using the wrong product on your extensions – check out our full range of products here.

Not only will following the right maintenance steps keep your extensions looking and feeling their best, but it will ensure that they will last the longest. Caring for Remy clip-ins well can make them last for about 12 to 24 months!

EH Hair clip-in hair extensions in Melbourne, model 02

How to choose the best clip in hair extensions salon in Melbourne

For the highest quality, most natural looking and long lasting clip-ins, you will want to choose a salon that provides 100% Remy extensions.

While synthetic clip-ins are often cheaper, they won’t look or feel as natural in your hair. Plus, Remy hair extensions can be colour treated to blend perfectly with your natural hair, since they are made from healthy, real human hair. Remy clip-ins can be heat styled, washed and conditioned just like your natural hair, allowing you to enjoy the most benefits of hair extensions possible.

EH Hair & Extensions in Melbourne

EH Hair & Extensions is the smart choice for anyone who is thinking about getting clip-ins. Our premium quality Remy hair clip in hair extensions Melbourne come in a variety of thickness levels, from fine, to medium and thick, and a range of colours, so that you can find the perfect match to your natural hair for the best look.

Whether you are set on getting clip in hair extensions or are thinking about trying one of our other popular methods, EH Hair & Extensions in Melbourne offers the best methods of applying hair extensions to suit your needs and lifestyle. To learn more about our premium hair extensions, contact us today.

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