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How long does the hair last for?

There are different grades of hair that you can select depending on your needs and budget. The lifespan of hair extensions is a direct reflection of not only their quality but on how they are looked after once applied. Extensions need much more attention than our own hair. The reason for this is that once the extensions are applied they are not getting any natural oils and nutrients like our own hair gets from the roots, so they will dry out very quickly if the correct products are not used. We recommend always using a professional salon brand protein free heat protectant spray when doing any heat styling to the hair, which will help protect it from being damaged. When washing hair extensions a high-grade professional salon brand sulfate free shampoo and moisture conditioner should be used. We also recommend the daily use of J'adore argan oil treatment and a weekly deep treatment mask. Provided these products are used and no protein or keratin is used on the hair they should stay in very good condition. It is important to remember though, hair extensions are not a miracle product, they are human hair and do need TLC.

We use only the highest grade of hair extensions in order for every client to enjoy the experience of wearing hair extensions. All our team wear the hair extensions that we supply to our clients and we love them.

Our clients that select our Remy Indian hair typically find they are due for a new set at around the 6 month mark. When clients choose the higher grade Remy Russian hair that is softer and more manageable, the lifespan is around 9 months or longer. All extensions require maintenance every 4-6 weeks to maintain the health and condition of your natural hair.

Which method is used to apply hair extensions?

We understand that all clients lead different lifestyles, wear their hair in different ways, and of course have different types of hair. For that reason we offer 3 methods of application to suit every client's needs. Our first one is our micro bead method which are individual 1 gram extensions applied with mini plastic coated copper beads. These are great for medium thickness hair and require maintenance every 5-6 weeks. You can read more info about the micro bead extensions here.

Our second method is our fantastic hand tied superior quality skin weft tape extension. These are ultra discreet and excellent for almost all hair types. You can read more info about the skin weft extensions here (link to skin weft method page). Our third method is our micro bead weft offering amazing thickness in beautiful hand sewn high quality wefts. These are suitable for those with thick hair. You can read more info about the weft extensions here.

All methods are tried and tested by our team in order to ensure safety for the natural hair.

Is it difficult to maintain the extensions day to day? Can I straighten the hair?

It is true that extensions take extra work as you will be taking care of extra hair, but provided that you use the correct products the maintenance is not too difficult. Being human hair you can continue to style your hair in the same way, you can use your hair straighteners and curling tools provided you use a heat protectant prior. All clients receive a complete care guide when having hair extensions applied so you can ensure proper maintenance. Here are some of the key points:

  • Use salon quality products provided by the salon
  • Never use products containing protein, keratin, and/or sulfates.
  • Concentrate shampoo on your natural hair only not the extensions.
  • Apply a deep treatment mask once per week.
  • Tie hair in a plait prior to sleeping.
  • Use recommended extension brush to keep your hair tangle free.
  • Return for maintenance on time to ensure no damage is caused to your natural hair.

Can I swim whilst wearing hair extensions?

Yes, you can still swim at the beach or in pools. The hair should always be tied in a loose plait or simply left out when swimming. It is important to not wear the hair in a bun when hair is getting wet as this makes it very prone to tangling. After swimming you should always rinse the hair as soon as possible (e.g. Beach shower if available) and wash it that evening/day with a salon quality cleansing shampoo then apply a deep conditioning treatment mask. To restore moisture It is a great idea to apply a product such as argan oil prior to swimming and where possible rinse your hair in fresh water prior to entering a pool or the ocean as this will help your extensions (and natural hair) not soak up the chlorine or sea water. You should be aware that if you are someone who swims very regularly, your extensions will not last as long as someone who swims infrequently.

Can the extensions be coloured and can I still colour my hair whilst wearing hair extensions?

The short answer to both is absolutely yes, however there are some restrictions.

With regards to the colouring of extensions, they must be taken darker and not lighter. For example if you select an extension colour that is a mid brown and you want to go blonde you will not be able to have them bleached, you could only have them coloured darker with a semi permanent colour.

You can tone and purple shampoo hair extensions.

If you are someone who colours their hair (most of us!) you can absolutely still get hair extensions. Pretty much all colouring can still be done whilst wearing hair extensions. If you are a foiled blonde, the only thing that you may choose to do is instead of having a full head of foils is just have a half head or hairline & part as the extensions will create the lightened coloured throughout the back for you. This means less risk of damage to your own hair through excessive colouring, and more money in your purse- win win!

Scalp bleach clients should ensure their stylist is experienced with performing this service on clients wearing hair extensions. Extra care and attention is needed and we have many clients that we look after for this service.

What hair is used?

We are very proud of the results we create, and we couldn't create those without using a high quality product. There are many factors that add up to a good quality hair extension product and we have found J'adore Hair Supplies is superior in all aspects. We purchase their top tier double drawn 100% Remy hair extensions so that every client enjoys their extension experience from our salons. (To read more about what Remy and Double drawn means, download our free guide here).

All our team also wear the hair extensions with a level most would describe as obsession!

We invite you to come in for a complimentary, completely no obligation consultation so that you can decide if hair extensions might be right for you.

Click here to view our full maintenance care guide provided to each client.

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