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All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair extensions for short hair 03 - EH Hair - after image
Jul 10 2018

All You Need To Know About Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Hair extensions for short hair 03 - EH Hair - after image

Would you love to have a long and luscious hair style but currently have short hair? You always see celebrities flaunting beautifully long hair and the latest trends showcase long shiny locks.


We all want to keep up with the latest trends and enjoy the confidence that a new hairstyle brings. So, how can you get long hair if it is already short? Well, the bad news is that it can take years to grow out your hair to a decent length. But, the good news is that there is a way you can increase the length of your hair without waiting and this is by choosing hair extensions!


Of course, the best thing about Remy hair extensions is that they look natural and not only increase the length of your hair, but they can also create volume and make the hair appear thicker than it actually is. Plus, you can wear them all year round and not just for special occasions. Hair extensions for short hair really are a girl’s best friend.


So, let’s find out what you need to know when you want hair extensions for short hair!


How Long is Enough for Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions for Short Hair - EH Hair - before image


There has always been the rumour floating around that ladies with short hair cannot enjoy hair extensions. But, this simply is not true anymore! There are lots of hair extension methods that you can consider, as long as your hair is touching your shoulders, or close to that. This will make sure that they can be fitted securely and you can enjoy transforming your hairstyle once and for all.


Remy is the Best

When you are looking at hair extensions, it is not just the length and colour that you should be concerned about. It is also important to find out more about the quality of the hair extensions.


Synthetic and fake hair will often be cheap to buy, but it does not look natural and often does not last as long as Remy hair.


On the other hand, Remy hair extensions are a fantastic investment that will give you the natural and long full style that you have been dreaming about. Using real hair, they are less prone to tangling and matting, as well as being able to be straightened and curled unlike synthetic hair.


Consider Tape Hair Extensions for Short Hair

Tape Hair Extensions for Short Hair


Of course, while there are lots of different hair extension methods that you can use, it is recommended to choose tape hair extensions for short hair. This is using around two inch wide wefts of hair and attaching them row by row to create the length and volume that you desire.


People love tape hair extensions because they are lightweight and comfortable to wear, so you will forget they are even in and they are inconspicuous. Plus, the tape causes little damage to your natural hair and allows it to grow in the meantime.


Hair Extension Maintenance

While it is simple to have hair extensions fitted by a professional, there are some simple maintenance tips you should follow if you want the hair to stay looking beautiful all year round. If you straighten or curl your hair a lot, it is best to use a protectant spray just like you would on your natural hair.


This will make sure the hot temperature does not cause any unnecessary damage or encourage split ends. It is also recommended to use hair extension shampoo and conditioner to keep the Remy hair healthy.


We all know that quality Remy hair extensions for short hair can be expensive, so it will pay in the long run to look after them properly.



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