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Hair Extensions Gold Coast

specialising in wedding hair and extensions
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It all began for Emilly Hadrill Gold Coast Hair Extensions in 2007 in a small Mermaid Beach salon and didn’t take long before we ran out of room to service our fast-growing client list. This created the opportunity to move to a fantastic large salon space under the Meriton building in Broadbeach.


Here we were able to employ top builders and designers to create a luxurious, stylish space for our Gold Coast hair salon, elevating its aesthetic appearance and being known as one of the most beautiful hair salons in the area that offers only the best of hair services.

Exceptional Customer Service

With our friendly full-time salon co-ordinator, we are able to promptly assist you with any enquiries whether by phone, email, website enquiry, or social media. We are also able to upload images of our work daily to our social media accounts (find us on Facebook at and on Instagram), all image rights reserved.


We are a platinum level L’oreal Professional hair salon offering all hair services of typical hair salons to suit your hair type in the Gold Coast, as well as up-styling, bridal hair styling, and of course our top quality human hair extensions — with our premium Russian and Indian hair extensions.


Our Gold Coast hair extension salon also specialises in wedding hair services and wedding group bookings. We know that your wedding is a day for happiness and celebration of which we love to make as streamline and stress-free as possible.  We love to do wedding groups and provide our range of hair styling options to ensure the entire bridal party is taken care of. But remember to book in advance to confirm your Gold Coast appointment.

100% Remy Human Hair Extensions

As part of our hair styling offer, we have also always offered our highly acclaimed and unique slim micro bead extensions at all of our salons, but now can deliver more quality options and meet the needs of more by offering tape extensionsinvisible tape extensions, micro bead weft extensions and also clip in hair extensions for those who wish to wear extensions only on occasions. We are excited to be offering these and the opportunity to determine at your free consultation which method is best for you and make every day a great hair day.

The Best Keratin Straightening Treatments

Our hair salon also offers keratin straightening treatments at all Emilly Hadrill salons, which reduce curl and frizz making them perfect for Queensland’s humid climate.

Hair Extensions Gold Coast: Costs at EH Hair Salon

Our Gold Coast hair salon (placed in The Meriton Building) offers lots of specially tailored packages. To explore our top quality products & services pricing details, you can click on the next link here. For all questions & doubts regrading our offer and pricing, please use our booking form or just give us a call.

ZipPay & Afterpay Payments at EH Hair Gold Coast

We understand that often when the decision is made to make a change to our personal appearance, we want it now, rather than later. Thanks to our flexible plans with finance partners, zipPay and Afterpay, achieving your dream hair is made all the more affordable, with flexibility on repayments, safe and secure transactions and interest-free payment periods. They are available for all Russian hair extension services, colour and maintenance products.


We transcend other hair salons in the Gold Coast with our superior customer service, extensive range of options and top quality products and hair styling services to make you look extraordinary.

Before And After Gallery

We regularly add new before and after photos to our hair extensions gallery page. Also, you can check our Instagram and Facebook profiles for the latest updates and special offers.

Why Russian Tape Extensions Are The Best

The great thing about our top quality Russian tape hair extensions is that is there are a variety of shades that you can choose from. Whether you want to become a light blonde or brunette, we have the right Russian extensions for your hair type. We offer completely natural Russian hair extensions, which have not been through a chemical process. This means that the hair is soft and silky from a human donor and will blend in with your natural hair perfectly.


EH Hair team highly recommend tape hair extensions, as they are the least damaging method for your natural hair. Since they are lightweight, they do not pull on your hair and cause damage or hair loss. Plus, they are easy to remove too. You can check complete offer placed in our pricing pages.


In particular, you will find that the maintenance of quality tape-ins is a lot easier than other methods. While it will depend on how fast your hair grows, normally you can enjoy your tape hair extensions for six to eight weeks before having them retaped. What’s more, when you take care of your Russian tape-ins, you can reuse them and save money. If you follow our after care tips highlighted by our team below, you will be able to use the same extensions for over a year.

Hair Extensions Gold Coast: After Care Tips

When you take care of your hair extensions, they are going to last longer. Extensions really are an investment and by looking after them from the very beginning, you can make sure you enjoy them to their fullest. Our hair extension experts have provided some important aftercare tips so that you can keep your extensions in excellent condition. Read on to find out how you can look after your Remy hair extensions!

Use a brush to Prevent Tangling

Just like your normal hair, your hair extensions can get tangled. This is especially true when they are 100 per cent top quality Remy human hair, as it can rub against and mix with your natural hair, causing knots and tangles. So, to prevent this from happening, our EH Hair Gold Coast hair professionals recommend using a natural bristle paddle brush. You can separate your extensions in two sections and use this tool to brush out any existing tangles, starting at the bottom and then up to the roots. This should be done every morning and at night. Don’t be alarmed if there is some shedding. Another way you can avoid tangling is to brush and plait your hair before you sleep.

Choose a Specialised Shampoo and Conditioner

It is important to keep your hair extensions hydrated and nourished. This is especially essential since they do not get the nutrients and oils that your hair gets from the scalp. That is why we recommend using a specialised hair shampoo and conditioner. We use J’adore Hair Supplies and think they are fantastic (you can check the complete offer on their website)! You want to avoid products that contain sulphate and alcohol. This is going to dry out and damage your extensions. You should apply the shampoo in a downwards motion. Be sure to wash all of the shampoo away so none of it builds up and damages bonds. Conditioner should be applied through the lengths and avoiding the bonds at the roots. This can cause them to slip. Remove any excess water when you are finished.

Always use a Heat Protection Spray

While you can still your hair extensions with a curling wand, straighteners and hairdryer, it is important to protect the hair from the high temperatures. Just like your natural hair, heating tools can dry out and damage extensions. So, be sure to set them on the lowest heat setting and use quality heat protection spray before you begin styling. You only need a light spray over all parts of your hair and this will act as a barrier against damage. Avoid straightening or curling hair close to the bonds at the roots so they do not get damaged. In addition, slip your hair into individual sections so avoid overusing the heating tools on the same parts. Our specialists love to test out the latest trends and when you use a heat protection spray, you can do this at home too!

Don’t Lighten or Bleach Hair Extensions

The great thing about Remy human hair extensions is that they can be dyed a different colour and still look beautiful. You can dye the roots, as well as use a full semi-permanent colour of your choice. But the one thing you always have to remember is not to lighten your extensions. For example, going from black to blonde. This will cause them to become dry and this is how they get damaged, which is the last thing that you want. Of course, if you are unsure, our hair specialists can also help you change the colour of your hair extensions. It is best to dye your hair before any maintenance, as it is possible that bonds can slip. The only way it is possible to lighten your extensions is if you have 100 percent virgin top quality hair extensions but you can always ask our team if you are unsure.

We look forward to seeing you at our Gold Coast hair extensions salon.

Shop 11, 2669 Gold Coast Hwy Broadbeach (The Meriton Building) Queensland

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