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EH Hair & Extensions Salon Brisbane

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Hair Extensions Brisbane – Visiting EH Hair Salon Is All You Need

Hair extensions Brisbane, EH Hair & Extensions salon - the best hair salon in Brisbane

Following the success of our Gold Coast hair salon, and with a large number of clients travelling from Brisbane we decided to expand our hair styling services team and search for the perfect location that would offer a boutique, high end feel whilst still offering our clients the same fantastic prices, hair services and results. After searching through popular areas such as New Farm, Fortitude Valley, and Paddington we landed on the perfect spot to establish a hair salon for our clients.


We opened our hair salon in March 2014 in Teneriffe but quickly grew and after 2 years needed to find a larger space. We found an amazing space in the James Street precinct and decided it was our new home. Our beautiful boutique hair salon in Brisbane is open 5 days per week and offers late night Wednesdays and Thursdays and Saturday hair services by appointment.


Our Brisbane expert team of hairdressers & hair extensions specialists are able to cater to your every need without distraction or compromise. We are a Platinum level L’oreal Professional hair salon offering all aspects of hairdressing, as well as up-styling, bridal styling for your wedding, and of course our renowned human hair extensions- with our premium Russian extensions and Indian extensions.


The team at all EH Hair & Extensions salons provide only the highest quality of hair services and is carefully selected to ensure you receive the best customer service and leave the hair salon feeling and looking a million dollars.

Wedding Hair Styling Services in Brisbane

Being one of the most memorable days of your life, your wedding is a day for celebration and delight of which we love to make as streamline and stress free as possible. Our wedding group bookings can ensure that you and your bridal party have the hair styling services to look amazing with interest free payments that also minimise monetary stress by being taken care of at a later date make sure you have a wonderful wedding day!


We love to do wedding groups but remember to book in advance to ensure your wedding hair styling Brisbane hair salon appointment.

Free Hair Extension Consultation

As part of our hair styling services, we are thrilled to offer our extremely popular invisible tape, traditional tape extensions, micro bead, micro bead weft extensions and clip in hair extensions in our Brisbane hair salon. This means we have more options, and can determine which option is best for your hair type, and your lifestyle etc. We are excited to be offering these and the opportunity to determine at your free consultation which method is best for you.


We also offer keratin-straightening treatments, which reduce curl and frizz making them perfect for Brisbane’s humid climate.

Why Choose EH Hair Extensions Brisbane Team

We Offer Premium Remy Hair Extensions

At EH Hair Extensions Brisbane, we want our customers to love their extensions and that is why we choose the best, highest-grade Remy hair extensions on the market. With 100 percent human hair, your extensions will look stunning. Since the cuticle is intact and all of the hair flows in the same direction, you can enjoy having no tangles or knotting. A lot of cheap extensions go through an acid bath, which is the process that strips the hair cuticles and silicone is applied. What you get are hair extensions that have a fake shine and after only a few uses, they look unhealthy and tangled. Our team at EH Hair Extensions love the fact that Remy hair extensions are completely different, looking strong, healthy and simply beautiful!

Choose from Leading Hair Extension Methods

At EH Hair Extensions, we offer a variety of the best hair extension methods for you to choose from. We know that everyone wants to enjoy different hair styles, as well as having different hair to begin with.


So, you can choose from four hair extension methods at EH Hair Extensions. This includes premium Remy clip in hair extensions, which are a great choice for those that want to enjoy volume and length for special occasions. They are simple to clip in and take out, giving you a gorgeous hair style for weddings and other special events.


With weft (beaded) hair extensions, you can achieve a full style instantly. There are less attachment points for more confidence and they are comfortable to wear. You can wear your hair up or style your extensions with straighteners or a curling wand; you decide!


Another fantastic choice is micro bead hair extensions, which are easy to maintain and are going to let you run your fingers through healthy and gorgeous hair. Plus, you don’t have to worry about damaging your natural hair.


Last but not least is premium tape hair extensions. This is going to be a great choice for people that have thin and fine hair, with the tape lying flat to the scalp. You can enjoy length and volume straight away, giving you a boost to your confidence. What’s more, tape extensions can be reused, which will save you money!

You have the Freedom to Style Your Hair Extensions

Once you go home, you can style your hair extensions from EH Hair Extensions however you want to! Unlike synthetic hair extensions, you can straighten and curl your extensions just like you would do with your natural hair. This is the freedom that is offered by choose quality 100 percent human hair over cheap alternatives. It is safe to use heating tools on the Remy hair extensions; just be sure to use a protection spray like you would for your natural hair.

You Can Colour Your Hair Extensions

When you choose cheap hair extensions, you may think that you save money, but you do not enjoy the quality and adaptability of quality Remy hair extensions offered by EH Hair Extensions. For example, synthetic hair extensions cannot be coloured, which means that you are stuck with the same colour hair all year round. But, when you choose Remy hair extensions from EH Hair Extensions, you can enjoy total freedom to change the shade any time you want to. After all, Remy hair extensions are 100 percent human hair. Our team at EH Hair Extensions can help you find the perfect shade to suit your style.

Our Hair Extensions are Long Lasting

Of course, everyone wants their hair extensions to last as long as possible. But, this is all down to the quality of the hair extensions that you buy in the first place. At EH Hair Extensions, we only offer the highest grade of Remy hair extensions that you will be able to find on the market. While you may pay a little more, it is worth every penny. For example, if you choose our fantastic Indian Remy hair extensions, you can expect to enjoy your new style for around six months. In addition, our quality Russian hair can last even longer, looking beautiful for around nine months.


The best thing that you can do to make your Remy hair extensions last even longer is to take care of them with good shampoo, conditioners and treatments. Our friendly and experienced team at EH Hair Extensions can point you in the right direction!

Pricing Details

Hair extensions Brisbane pricing details and all packages can be found on this page. Fill our booking form or give us a call for more details & consultation.

ZipPay and AfterPay Payment Plans

We understand that often when the decision is made to make a change to our personal appearance, we want it now, rather than later. Thanks to our flexible payment plans with finance partners, zipPay and AfterPay, achieving your dream hair is made all the more affordable, with flexibility on repayments, safe and secure transactions and interest-free payment periods. They are available for all Russian hair extension services, colour and maintenance products.


We transcend other hair salons in Brisbane with our superior customer service, extensive range of options and high-quality products and hair styling services to make you look extraordinary.


We look forward to seeing you at our Brisbane hair salon. Try our hair styling services and make a booking today!

Before and After Gallery

Check our before and after photos here. We regularly update our image gallery with work form our Brisbane salon.  For more hair extensions Brisbane details & updates, you can check our Instagram and Facebook.

9 Doggett Street, Fortitude Valley, QLD

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