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Hair & Extensions Salon Sydney

Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

Following the success of our salons in Melbourne, Brisbane and the Gold Coast, we brought Emily Hadrill Hair and Styling Services to Sydney.


At EH Hair & Extensions salon in Sydney, everyone can enjoy a gorgeous new hairstyle. Our team strives to achieve that high-end feel and stunning results at an amazing price.

As a platinum-level L’Oréal Professional salon, we specialise in human hair extensions as well as colour and styling services for every occasion.


We can’t wait to meet you and provide you with a memorable experience from the start.

Hair Extensions Sydney - EH hair - the best hair salon in Sydney

Types of Hair Extensions Offered at EH Hair in Sydney

We stock a wide selection of hair extensions at our Sydney salon, including clip-in, weft tape and micro bead extensions.


During your free consultation, we will help you decide on the best option and installation method.


We always use 100% premium Remy hair extensions for our customers. Whether you want longer hair every day or just a special occasion, we can help.

Invisible Tape Hair Extensions

With a flat and thin seamless polyurethane strip, Remy tape hair extensions are a great option for almost all hair types, including thin hair. The weft adds flawless volume and style as well as length. They also add beautiful highlights without the need for harsh chemicals.

EH Hair Extensions salon in Sydney

Micro Bead Extensions

Micro bead extensions add natural volume and length to your hair using small rings. All you have to do is come back every 4 – 6 weeks to have the extensions pushed up. Your stylist will also make sure the beads aren’t damaging your natural hair during your appointment.

Clip In Hair Extensions

Low-quality clip in hair extensions look unnatural. At EH Hair in Sydney, we only use high quality J’adore extensions. These beautiful Remy Russian extensions blend in perfectly with any colour hair, while the clip holds everything firmly in place all day. You can easily remove your clip in extensions within a few minutes, making them perfect for special occasions.

Micro Bead Weft Extensions

Micro bead weft extensions are an advanced version of machine weft hair extensions. Not only are they comfortable to wear but they look very natural, ensuring you feel more confident too.

Pricing Details

If you are interested to check our pricing details, packages, and all other costs in Sydney salon you can find all the details here. For any additional questions, give us a call or just visit our beautiful hair salon.


Afterpay & ZipPay Payment Plans


When you want a new hairstyle, you want it now. We partnered with Afterpay and ZipPay so that you can change your look today and pay your bill later.


The flexible payment plans make your treatments more affordable, meaning you can enjoy all of our services without worrying about your bank balance.


We hope to see you at our Sydney salon soon. We are ready to deliver hairstyling services that you will love. Contact us to make a booking today!

Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions230 Glenmore Road,Paddington, NSW, 2021

Hair Extensions Sydney: A Local Guide for Customers

Is there a hair extensions salon in Double Bay that supplies Micro Bead Extensions?

EH Hair is a leading salon specialising in micro bead extensions and comes highly recommended by clients from Double Bay.


Choosing the right salon and extensions will make all the difference to your end result. Choose a salon that has experience with micro bead extensions before you make an appointment.


If you have very fine hair, you may want to consider another extensions option as micro beads could damage your hair.

Which hair extensions salon is recommended for clients from Darlinghurst?

When you choose a hair extensions salon, find out whether they stock Remy products. Remy extensions are made with real human hair and the cuticles are not stripped, ensuring natural-looking results.


EH Hair is the preferred salon for clients in Darlinghurst who want high-quality hair extensions made with 100% premium Remy hair. EH Hair stocks invisible tape, micro bead and clip in hair extensions.

Where can I find quality Tape Hair Extensions in the Eastern Suburbs?

There are two types of tape hair extensions that you can use to achieve longer locks. Traditional tape extensions are comfortable, require very little maintenance and only take an hour to apply. Invisible tape extensions are more discreet as the skin wefts are hand-tied to the bond.


EH Hair is a leading salon that specialises in both types of tape hair extensions as well as various hairstyling services. We come highly recommended by clients from the Eastern Suburbs.

I live in Paddington and want to know if Micro Bead Extensions are any good?

Micro bead hair extensions are great if you want to add volume and length in an instant. If you have extremely fine hair though, this is probably not the best option.


Not only are these extensions easy to maintain but the individual bonds make it easy to run your fingers through your hair. A salon visit is required every 4 – 6 weeks to push the extensions back up.


EH Hair in Paddington is the preferred choice for micro bead extensions because they’re made with 100% premium Remy hair.

Which salons supply high-quality Clip In Hair Extensions to women from Woollahra?

If you’re interested in clip in extensions, you probably want to lengthen and style your hair for a special occasion. Clip in hair extensions are useful if you want to try out different hairstyles without growing your hair out.


Only choose extensions that are made with Remy hair, such as those from EH Hair. Even though Remy extensions cost a little more, they are made with real human hair and look natural.

Which salons supply the most natural-looking Tape Hair Extensions in Bondi?

If you’re after natural and discreet hair extensions in Bondi, invisible tape extensions from EH Hair is the perfect solution. Unlike traditional tape extensions, the skin wefts are hand tied to the bonds which are attached to your natural hair.


This means that you won’t have that shiny tape across your scalp. The extensions actually look like they’re growing directly from your scalp. Invisible tape extensions are suited to all types of hair, which is why it has become such a popular option. They are also very comfortable and can be styled any way you want.

Where can I find Micro Bead Weft Hair Extensions in Vaucluse?

Micro bead weft extensions are great for adding instant volume to your hair. In order for the extensions to be comfortable, the weight of the weft needs to be evenly distributed. The placement of the weft is also important as the attachments shouldn’t be visible when the hair is worn up.


The technicians at EH Hair come highly recommended by clients from Vaucluse because of their experience with this type of extension.

I am from Rose Bay and struggling to find a salon that supplies quality Hair Extensions.

Before you select a salon in Rose Bay, make sure that they only stock Remy hair extensions.


Remy is the highest quality human hair because the cuticles are not stripped, ensuring the results look natural.


EH Hair Salon comes highly recommended for the application of premium tape in, clip in, micro bead and beaded weft hair extensions. We also specialise in a variety of hairstyling services that will help complete your look.

Before and After Gallery

Interested to see hair extensions before and after photos? Please check our image gallery here.

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