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EH Hair Microbead Hair Extensions

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Micro Bead Hair Extensions

Everyone wants to have long and luscious hair. But is your natural hair just too short right now? Perhaps you are interested in finding out more about micro bead hair extensions. This is a fantastic option for women that want to add more volume and length to their natural style.

We specialise in the application of micro bead hair extensions in our Melbourne, Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast salons. Let’s take a look and find out more about this great styling option.

What Are Micro Bead Extensions?

Micro bead extensions are made from Remy hair, which is 100 percent human hair. They attach to the head thanks to very small and discreet beads. The hair is clamped into place, lying flat to the head and adding volume and length. There are no damaging tools involved, and the application does not take that long. At our salons, we offer a variety of different lengths and colours to choose from.

Why should I consider hair extensions?

Hair extensions can completely transform your entire look and help you feel more confident than ever. If you are interested in experimenting with your look, hair extensions can:

Add luscious length

Who else has had a big chop and instantly regretted it? Whether you have difficulty growing your hair out or are experiencing hair loss, hair extensions can add instant length to your hair, so you don’t have to wait the months (or years) it takes for your hair to grow long.

Change up your colour

Highlights and lowlights are a great way to add colour and dimension to your hair. If you are only looking for a semi-permanent change or just don’t want to damage your natural hair with bleach, adding hair extensions in different shades give you the chance to experiment with colour without worry.

Volumise thinning hair

If you have thin hair, you’ve problem dreamed of having thicker, more luscious locks. Hair extensions aren’t just for length – adding extensions that match your natural length can add dramatic volume to your hair and enhance any hairstyle.

Make any style more beautiful

There’s only so much you can do with short, thin hair. With hair extensions, you can rock any hairstyle, from mermaid waves to braids and sleek ponytails. Hello, fuller, longer locks!

Pros and Cons of Micro Bead Extensions

As with any hair extension method, micro beads come with both advantages and disadvantages. To see whether this application method is right for you, be sure to weigh up the following pros and cons:


  • Micro bead hair extensions do not use any heat or glue to attach them to the hair, making them less damaging to the hair compared to other application methods.
  • Beaded extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair, as the beads used to attach the hair match your natural hair colour.
  • Micro bead hair extensions are easy to remove and adjust.
  • Beaded hair extensions are easy to wash and style.


  • Micro bead hair extensions are unsuitable for people with short or thin hair, as the beads may be more visible.
  • Beaded hair extensions take longer to apply when compared with other application methods.
  • Micro bead hair extensions can cause discomfort and strain on the scalp.

At Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions, we offer complimentary consultations, during which we can determine whether micro bead extensions will be the right fit for your hair goals.

How are Microbead Hair Extensions applied?

The process of applying micro bead hair extensions is simple, but it does have to be done by a professional to ensure it is done correctly. All they do is lock your natural hair into a very small bead alongside Remy hair extensions. A pair of pliers is used to clamp the hair together. The pliers used do not damage any of the hair, so you do not have to worry. They are also easy to adjust as your natural hair grows, and the process of removal is simple and safe too. The whole application process will take around one to two hours to complete in an experienced salon such as EH Hair & Extensions.

With this method, you can come back in every four to six weeks for maintenance which involves pushing up the hair extensions to ensure they are kept neat and putting no stress or damage on your natural hair. You can keep doing maintenance until you feel that the hair needs replacing (or removing).

How long does your hair have to be for Micro Bead Extensions?

You can enjoy beaded hair extensions even if you have shorter hair. There are several length options that you can choose from when it comes to cutting the extensions in. It is recommended that your natural hair is close to shoulder length before getting extensions, and this will allow them to blend with your natural hair and look good. The last thing you want is for the attachments to show or it to look unnatural.

How many Microbead Extensions do I need?

Micro bead hair extensions are applied in individual one-gram strands. How many micro bead hair extensions you will need depends on what you want to achieve. For example, if you are wanting to add some volume to your natural hair or highlights, it is recommended to go with 75 to 100 strands. If you want to add some length and volume, too, you will want to increase the strands up to 120 strands. You can increase this as much as 150 strands if you really want your hair to look thick and luscious.

How long do Micro Bead Hair Extensions stay in for?

In general, you can wear beaded extensions for a long time with regular maintenance. A lot of the Remy microbead hair extensions can last up to six or twelve months. It is recommended to avoid oil-based products on the hair and using them close to the beads.

A great thing about micro bead hair extensions is that they are reusable. This means that once you pay out for the Remy hair extensions, you can definitely get your money’s worth.

Do Bead Extensions damage your hair?

One of the reasons that clients love micro bead hair extensions is because they will not damage your natural hair. This means that your hair can grow healthily while you enjoy wearing long and luscious extensions. They are applied without any need for using heating tools, glue or any other chemicals. What’s more, when they are applied, they will not put pressure on your natural hair. They are gentle and lightweight, which means they will not pull or feel uncomfortable.

How long do Micro Bead Hair Extensions last?

The lifespan of your micro bead hair extensions will ultimately depend on how well you take care of them. However, as a general rule, you can expect your Remy Russian micro bead extensions to last between nine and 12 months. Keep in mind that all hair extension methods require regular maintenance every four to six weeks in order to maintain the health and condition of your natural hair. You can prolong the lifespan of your micro bead hair extensions by using the recommended hair care products, deep treating your hair weekly and always using a heat protectant when styling.

All hair extension packages include

  • Premium Remy Jadore hair applied with the method of your choice
  • Professional application by a qualified technician
  • Professional cut and blend by a qualified technician
  • Follow up appointment if requested
  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Available in Melbourne, Gold Coast, Sydney & Brisbane

Things to consider for your lifestyle

  • A limited number of extensions can be applied if the hair is fine, or the shape of the head is smaller.
  • Can give a less full appearance through the ends if less than a full head is applied
  • Cannot go as close to hairlines due to visibility
  • Longer application time (Two hours for a full head)

General Hair Extensions FAQs

What are Remy hair extensions?

Remy hair extensions are made of 100% human hair that is collected with all strands aligned in the same direction when cut from a ponytail. This keeps the cuticles intact and provides a more natural look. In fact, Remy hair should remain soft, silky, and tangle-free throughout its entire lifetime. On the other hand, human hair that isn’t Remy has usually been stripped of its natural oils and often has a tangled, straw-like texture. We use double drawn Remy hair from Jadore Hair Supplies to create the most beautiful results possible.

What is the difference between human and synthetic hair extensions?

At EH Hair & Extensions, we only use 100% human Remy hair extensions. However, we understand that you may be wondering whether human hair extensions are worth the investment, especially when synthetic hair is much more affordable.

However, human hair extensions are superior for numerous reasons. First of all, human hair extensions last far longer than synthetic hair. You’ll be lucky to get three months out of your synthetic extensions, while human hair can last for up to a year. Human hair extensions can be treated just like your natural hair, meaning that you can style, wash and colour them to your heart’s desire. We cannot say the same for synthetic extensions. Finally, hair extensions look and feel much more natural than synthetic extensions, which don’t always blend seamlessly with your own hair.

How do I care for my hair extensions?

Your micro bead hair extensions will require a bit of care, as extensions need more attention than our natural hair. This is because extensions do not receive any natural oils from the scalp as our natural hair does, so they can dry out very quickly if not looked after correctly. To protect your beaded hair extensions, we recommend following the below care instructions:

  • Brush the hair regularly to avoid knots and tangles
  • Use the salon-quality hair care products provided during your appointment
  • Avoid any hair care products containing protein, keratin, or sulphates
  • Concentrate shampoo on your natural hair, avoiding your extensions as much as possible
  • Apply a deep treatment mask to the hair once a week
  • Wear your hair in a plait when sleeping
  • Return to the salon for maintenance every four to six weeks to avoid damaging your natural hair

Can I colour my hair extensions?

If you wish to switch up your natural hair colour after installing your hair extensions, don’t worry! As your micro bead extensions are made of 100% human hair, your stylist can colour them, with some exceptions. Unfortunately, hair extensions cannot be bleached; however, you are free to go darker without causing any damage to your extensions. If you wish to lighten your hair, you may need to purchase new extensions.

Can I still style my hair when wearing hair extensions?

When you have micro bead hair extensions, you can still style them just like your natural hair. The good thing is that you are able to use heating tools to straighten and curl your hair. For example, it is sometimes recommended to keep heat away from near tape hair extensions tips. But there are no real restrictions on this when it comes to micro bead hair extensions. In addition, you can tie your hair up without fear of anyone seeing the attachments. The beads are small and hidden close to the scalp.

Will my hair extensions look natural?

When applied by one of our expert stylists, you can expect your micro bead hair extensions to look completely natural. As micro bead hair extensions are attached directly to a small section of your own hair, you can expect the final result to be completely integrated with your hair, providing the most natural look possible.

Can I swim with my hair extensions?

Yes, you absolutely can swim with your hair extensions installed, although you should keep in mind that frequent swimming can impact the lifespan of your extensions. To avoid tangles, you should only swim with your hair tied in a loose bun or left out. Before and after swimming, you should always rinse your extensions with cold water to avoid soaking up chlorine or saltwater. Additionally, we always suggest washing your hair and applying a deep conditioning mask as soon as possible after swimming.

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