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Ponytail Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Ponytail hair extensions by EH Hair
Oct 14 2021

Ponytail Hair Extensions: Everything You Need to Know

Ponytail hair extensions by EH Hair

While we may enjoy our shorter or lighter ponytail on most days, sometimes we just wish we could add a bit of length and volume. Maybe we have a special event coming up, or we simply want to create a different style on a day that we feel like refreshing our look. It’s for this reason that clip in ponytail hair extensions have become a popular choice, as well as their simple and comfortable wearability. Ponytail hair extensions can create a luxurious, glamorous hairstyle, without the commitment of permanent hair extensions. Thanks to the simplicity of the design, you can wear a longer ponytail with more volume whenever you want. Sound good? Read on to find out everything you need to know about ponytail hair extensions!


What are clip in ponytail hair extensions?

Ponytail hair extensions are essentially a clip in ponytail that is added to the hair to create a fuller, thicker and longer hairstyle. They are designed to look like a natural extension of your hair, and can be worn discreetly by covering the base of the ponytail with a strand of hair. Clip in hair extensions can be made from natural human hair or synthetic hair, and are typically available in a wide range of colours, tones, and lengths.


Choose Remy hair extensions for top quality

To ensure that you are using the most natural-looking and best quality extensions, choose Remy hair. Remy hair is real human hair that has all of the cuticles still intact. At EH Hair, we sell the beautiful Jadore clip in extensions, which are ethically sourced and made with 100% human Russian hair. Although synthetic hair extensions can be cheaper, it is always worth investing in extensions that are made of real hair, as synthetic extensions will not look as natural and are far less likely to blend in well with your hair.


Clip-in ponytail hair extensions before and after 01


What type of hair works best with ponytail hair extensions?

Despite the rumours that shorter hair is incompatible with clip in extensions, ponytail hair extensions can match any type of hair and can work with any length! Clip in extensions are made in a variety of lengths and thicknesses that can be matched to your natural hair characteristics. In particular, ponytail hair extensions simply clip in to your hair once it is tied up, so even if you have quite short hair, the extension can stay in place.


How to choose the right colour

To make sure that your extension will match your hair, refer the colour of your hair from the middle to the ends. Do not match the colour to your roots as hair typically appears lighter towards the ends, particularly if you have colour treated hair. The colours of our ponytail clip in extensions appear very natural and blend in with your natural hair beautifully.


Ponytail collage 01 - EH Hair & Extensions


Heat and style your ponytail extension

Good quality Remy hair extensions can be heated and styled just like your natural hair. That being said, they will still need the love and care that you give your natural hair when heat styling. Use a quality heat protectant spray and try to use a lower heat setting on your hair styling device if possible.


Create a natural wavy, classic curly, or sleek straight ponytail style. As well as a bouncier and longer ponytail, wearing the extension can allow you to create many more stunning hairstyles! Buns and braids are super popular choices, and with more hair available to experiment with, your style options are limitless.


EH Hair Ponytail 08


How to apply your ponytail hair extension

Ponytail hair extensions are super quick and easy to apply, thanks to the simple yet sturdy design! To get your extension ready to put in your hair, give it a good brush through, and heat style it if you want to do so. If you want, you can heat style your extension after you have applied it to your hair, but it will usually be a lot easier to do it beforehand.

1. Tie your natural hair up in either a high or low ponytail, whichever you prefer. Position it a little higher than you would like your ponytail extension to sit, and secure it in place with a hair tie.


2. To attach your ponytail, gently slide the clip into your hair just underneath the hair tie. Then, wrap the Velcro around the base of the ponytail to secure it in place.


3. To cover the Velcro, take a hair strand from the ponytail extension and wrap it around the base of the ponytail. Keep the hair strand in place with some bobby pins.


4. Move your head around to make sure that your ponytail is attached securely. It should feel comfortable and stay in place at the base.


5. Enjoy it as it is or put it into a fabulous bun or braid!

Do you want to wear your ponytail extension for a special event, but don’t feel too confident about applying it to your hair by yourself? You can book an appointment with us at EH Hair, where you will be in great hands with one of our hair styling experts! Whether you’re in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or the Gold Coast, we have you covered for your event hairstyle needs.


Clip in hair extension care and maintenance

Premium clip in hair extensions can last for up to 12 months, or even longer, if they are properly cared for. To keep your extensions looking premium, healthy and beautiful, make sure you follow these simple care instructions and tips.


Brush your extension regularly with a recommended extension brush

Wash your extension with salon quality products every seven days, or after an occasion when you may have been sweating while wearing the extension

Hang your extension up or store it in a special storage bag while not in use to prevent tangling

Always use a heat protection spray when heat styling your extension

Check that your hair products are hair extension friendly


Ponytail hair extensions will not damage your hair!

Clip in extensions do not damage or pull out your hair, as the clip is designed to hold well while still being gentle on your hair. No glue, tape or any kind of adhesive is used to keep the extension in place, as your ponytail will only need the clip and Velcro to sit perfectly. Think of it as a glamorous, game-changing hair accessory! Many customers like to wear clip in extensions while they are waiting for their natural hair to grow longer, or while they are taking a break from permanent hair extensions. Your normal hair growth will not be affected by wearing clip in extensions.


Clip-in ponytail model 09


Where you can and can’t wear your ponytail extension

From fancy parties to casual daily wear, you can enjoy your ponytail hair extension whenever you want! However, to make sure that you keep your extension in good condition, there are a few times that you will need to unclip. The beauty of clip in ponytail extensions is that they are worn temporarily and can be easily applied and removed whenever necessary.


To prevent your ponytail hair extension from becoming tangled or damaged, you will have to unclip it:


• Before you go to sleep. Tossing and turning throughout the night can tangle up your extension, not to mention it won’t feel as comfortable is it does in your hair throughout the day! Make sure you unclip it before you go to bed or take a long nap.


• Before strenuous exercise. If you are going to be sweating excessively, it is best to take off your extension, as the natural salts and acids in your sweat can dry out your hair, leading to tangling and matting. If you have been sweating a little throughout the day or night while you have been wearing your extension, make sure you wash it well afterwards.


• When you want to swim in a pool or the ocean. While you can wear your extension by the poolside or as you’re relaxing on the sand at the beach, you will want to avoid exposing your hair to chlorinated or salt water, as it can dry out and possibly damage your hair. You can tie up your hair and keep it out of the water if you want to take a dip in the shallow end, but it’s best to leave your extension at home if you want to dive right in.


If you want hair extensions that you can sleep in, shower with and exercise while wearing, have a look at our permanent hair extension methods! At EH Hair, we specialise in creating beautiful hair transformations using the top hair extension methods available. Read more about the weft (beaded), microbead, tape and invisible tape hair extension methods that our friendly team are experts at.


Take your favourite ponytail, bun or braid hairstyle to the next level


Temporarily add natural-looking volume and length to your hair with the effortlessly stunning, premium quality Jadore ponytail extensions, available at EH Hair! Take a look at our colour options to find the extension that will suit you best.



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