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Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

Do you want the best hair extensions in Australia that can give you the look you want and leave you feeling fabulous?


Hair extensions can give you the look you want and leave you feeling more confident than you’ve ever felt but get it wrong, and you could end up with hair extensions that don’t look real or damage your hair.


At Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions we specialise in offering the best hair extensions in Australia, and we make sure that you leave with the hair you’ve always wanted. We’ve done this by designing our Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne salons from the ground up, to specialise in hair extensions. We’re experts in determining which method of hair extensions to use, delivering immaculate applications and proper maintenance and aftercare.


The Benefits of Remy Hair

Hair extensions and wigs can be made of synthetic fiber; however, human hair is highly sought after because it’s easier to style and looks natural. If you have a hairline that’s thinning out and you don’t plan on getting hair transplants, investing in high-quality hair extensions could be very beneficial. Wigs work well for people with alopecia. Individuals who are recovering from unpleasant haircuts should also consider getting human hair extensions instead of those made with synthetic fiber.


Remy human hair is sourced from donors in various countries around the world and valued for its resilience and flexibility. The cuticles are preserved to withstand damage, and thus, it lasts longer than its synthetic counterparts. Please note that because of its quality, it is more expensive than synthetic wigs.


While synthetic based wigs and hairpieces may be significantly cheaper, they are harder to work with and are easily damaged. This is the reason why human hair is preferred by our clients and stylists in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Here are just a few of the reasons why you should choose 100% human hair extensions:


Human Hair Is Perfectly Aligned

Human hairpieces and wigs are perfectly aligned to suit your style needs. Therefore, you do not have to worry about stray hair. They have perfect volume, bounce and feel like authentic hair. This is another reason why they cost significantly more than synthetic pieces.


Human Hair Extensions Require Little Maintenance

Would you rather be blow-drying and styling your hair for 30 minutes each morning or would you rather be sleeping? Hair extensions will give you effortless glamour and will cut your styling time in half. You can spend time doing more of what you like instead of spending crazy amounts of time getting ready each morning. Not only this, but the extensions will give your hair a break from styling tools, and you can watch your hair grow!


Human Hair is Washable

Unlike synthetic wigs, human hair can be washed and treated just like natural hair. This is the main reason why it’s used in the industry. Most of our clients note that it feels just like their original hair strands. It lasts longer and does not turn frizzy, as long as its maintained and taken care of properly.


Human Hair is Easy to Style

Human hair can be permed, curled, straightened, treated and dyed to resemble the natural hair colour of a client; this is due to the fact that the cuticle is not stripped off in the manufacturing process. Human hair extensions remain natural-looking even after regular use and can last for a long period of time.


Why Choose Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions?

We offer premium hair and colour from J’adore and L’Oreal, providing both Russian and Indian hair that is 100% Remy with a large variety of colours held in stock so you can get the best match for your hair. We use all the leading application methods available, including beaded extensions, tape hair extensions and weft hair extensions, making sure that we can select the right one for your lifestyle.


Providing all of this in a beautiful environment, we offer the best hair extensions in each of our Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne hair salons.


Contact us today on 1300 181 000 or book online for your free, no obligation consultation to discover the best hair extensions in Australia.


  • Premium Remy J'adore hair applied with method of your choice
  • Professional application by a qualified technician
  • Professional cut and blend by qualified technician
  • Follow up appointment if requested
  • All prices inclusive of GST







FREE No obligation consultations
Wear time 6-8 months
Wear time 9 months+

Gold Coast Salon

WEFT, MICROBEAD AND TAPE APPLICATION Remy Indian ($) Premium Remy Russian ($)
Half Head (50 grams) 325 425
3/4 Head (75 grams) 465 615
Full Head (100 grams) 595 795
Extra Full Head (125 grams) 745 995
Half Head (50 grams) 450
3/4 Head (75 grams) 652
Full Head (100 grams) 845
Extra Full Head (125 grams) 1057

Extensions can also be purchased at individual strand prices

Brisbane Salon

WEFT, MICROBEAD AND TAPE APPLICATION Remy Indian ($) Premium Remy Russian ($)
Half Head (50 grams) 335 435
3/4 Head (75 grams) 475 630
Full Head (100 grams) 610 815
Extra Full Head (125 grams) 765 1015
Half Head (50 grams) 460
3/4 Head (75 grams) 665
Full Head (100 grams) 865
Extra Full Head (125 grams) 1085

Extensions can also be purchased at individual strand prices

Melbourne Salon

WEFT, MICROBEAD AND TAPE APPLICATION Remy Indian ($) Premium Remy Russian ($)
Half Head (50 grams) 350 450
3/4 Head (75 grams) 490 645
Full Head (100 grams) 625 835
Extra Full Head (125 grams) 780 1045
Half Head (50 grams) 470
3/4 Head (75 grams) 685
Full Head (100 grams) 885
Extra Full Head (125 grams) 1110

Extensions can also be purchased at individual strand prices

 Payment Plans Available


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Indian Hair vs. Russian Hair

Having trouble deciding what hair type is best for you? Read the following information


Our high grade Remy Indian hair has begun as dark hair and has been coloured to the various shades available. This process is performed gently to maintain a beautiful texture to the hair, but the hair will require more maintenance & have a shorter life.


Our premium Remy Russian hair is the highest quality available. It’s original colour has not been altered further than a few shades therefore making it healthier hair & easier to maintain. Recommended for lighter hair shades & those who prefer a lower maintenance option.

Thicker hair, course hair CHARACTERISTICS Finer hair, soft hair
Approximately 6-8 months WEAR TIME Approximately 8-10 months
Requires medium-high maintenance CARE Requires low-medium maintenance
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