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EH Hair & Extensions salon Brisbane salon - the best hair salon in Brisbane
May 14 2020

Looking for A New Hair Salon? A Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Hair Salon in Your City

Have you recently moved to a new city? Perhaps you’re simply looking for a new hair salon that can better meet your needs? You could simply pick a hair salon based upon its proximity to your home or workplace, but if you truly want to get exceptional results each and every time, you should take the time to select the right salon. Some might venture to say that finding the perfect hair salon is actually harder than finding the perfect significant other! But it doesn’t need to be.   What should your...

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Hair salon Brisbane, EH Hair & Extensions, interior
Feb 13 2017

5 Questions that Tell you Whether You’ve Found The Right Hair Salon for You

Your hair is your crowning glory and keeping it in top condition, with a style that suits and flatters your features, as well as being versatile and easy to manage, is what we all strive to achieve.

To help you do this, you need to find a hair salon that can meet all your needs. As with any other service, you have to do a little bit of research, get recommendations from valued sources (friends, family, online likes, and so on).

Once you have hit the jackpot, then the right salon and stylist can become a friend for life. So how do you know when you have met your match? If you can answer “yes” to the following questions, you have got the right salon for you.

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