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Tape Hair Extensions Brisbane

EH Premium Tape Hair Extensions – Brisbane Salon

To add volume and length to your hair in a way that looks and feels natural, tape hair extensions are a popular choice – for good reason.

For the finest results, you will want to find a hair extensions salon that uses 100% Remy human hair. Here at EH Hair & Extensions, we are your Brisbane specialists in Remy hair extensions, applying them professionally to create a natural look.

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Our Tape Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions are 4cm-wide hairpieces that are attached to the hair by applying two pieces one on top of the other, divided by a small slice of natural hair in between. The extensions stay in the hair with double sided glue or tape on each piece, and once placed together, will stick until gently removed with a solution during maintenance. This popular method can allow you to easily disguise the extensions as your natural hair, and won’t cause damage to your hair when regularly maintained.

Invisible tape hair extensions are similar, although they are designed to look as if the hair extension strands are naturally growing straight from your scalp. Whether you choose the classic tape extensions or invisible really depends on the level of discreetness you will need – generally, invisible extensions can be better for thinner hair.

The Benefits of Our Tape Hair Extensions

One of the most common reasons that tape hair extensions are popular with our clients is because they are super flat, which allows us to add a lot of extensions if a client is looking for maximum volume.

Tape in hair extensions are also very discreet, especially the skin weft tape, also called invisible tape hair extensions. The hair is sewn through the top of the attachment, which makes it look like the hair is coming straight from the scalp rather than from a plastic shiny strip. It enables our clients to wear their hair up or down with ease, and, if well maintained and cared for, extensions won’t damage your natural hair.

In addition, tape in hair extensions are very comfortable once applied, and are great for creating a natural look on those who are going from naturally short hair to a much longer style. Unlike some other types of hair extensions, tape hair extensions don’t look stringy or sparse once applied. It is very easy to mix different tones and colours to achieve a beautiful effect that blends with your natural hair.

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100% Human Remy Hair: The Finest Quality

Remy hair is 100% real human hair that still has its cuticles intact and has not been treated in a way that strips it of its natural goodness. Remy hair can be dyed to match your natural hair colour, heat styled to create whatever style you please, and washed as normal, as long as you use quality salon grade hair products.

Better yet, coming from J’adore Hair Supplies, our hair that we use to enhance each client’s look has been ethically sourced. Not only do they look and feel natural, but you can rest assured that your hair extensions have had their creation process monitored closely.

Higher quality hair also lasts the longest, before needing to be maintained to refresh your look, usually every four to six weeks. There are some maintenance and care steps we recommend follow, to ensure you have the healthiest, best-looking hair possible.

Who Can Wear Hair Extensions

Thanks to the varying lengths, thicknesses and colours available, almost anyone can wear hair extensions. It’s all about finding the right type of extensions for you, and what will best suit the natural characteristics, such as thickness and length, of your hair.

Tape is a popular choice, as the attachments are discreet (especially if you choose invisible tape hair extensions!) while feeling comfortable to wear. The key to making your hair look completely natural with extensions is to find a good hair extensions salon, with passionate staff that know the best way to apply tape extensions.

Hair extensions model with large hat 02-2, EH Hair Brisbane

Why to Choose EH Hair & Extensions

Our tape hair extensions are not only of amazing quality, but we also offer different methods of hair extension applications, as suitable methods vary for each individual according to their hair type, lifestyle and how they wear their hair. Along with the high quality of our extensions, our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable, and will always give an honest opinion as to what will be most suitable for you.

Do you need tape in hair extensions? Our Brisbane salon is located on Doggett Street in Fortitude Valley. Come in to visit us in person or contact us online or via phone to book your appointment!


Are there any disadvantages to wearing tape hair extensions?

The main disadvantage to tape hair extensions is the maintenance process, which is longer than other methods because you have to remove the extensions, remove th extensions, wash and blow dry your hair, steam clean the extensions, re-tape and re-apply them.

Fortunately for our clients, this is all easily done with our excellent hair extension removal solution, which makes the process quicker and easier. Our Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions salon also provides up to date magazines, complimentary beverages and a team of fun, bubbly staff – all of which will make your visit relaxing and enjoyable!

How often will I need my extensions moved up?

It will depend on how fast your natural hair grows. Maintenance visits are usually needed every four to six weeks.

How long does an appointment take to have the extensions applied?

An appointment usually takes between 30 to 60 minutes, and will depend on the number of extensions you are having applied. Tape in hair extensions is one of the faster methods, which is one of the main benefits of the process.

Will invisible tape hair extensions shed?

No, the hair on the invisible attachments shouldn’t come off, since they are meticulously hand-tied. However, to get the most wear from these type of extensions, and any other, we suggest being mindful when choosing a hair extensions salon to have them applied in the best way.

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