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Tape/Invisible Tape Hair Extensions – Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne

Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

Tape hair extensions are one of the most popular choices of hair extensions for many EH Hair clients.  It is a way to enjoy luscious and long locks throughout the year, with minimal maintenance or time spent in the salon. Plus, with proper home care and proper application, you can even reuse them for six to 12 months. Clients report that they are comfortable to wear and give them a boost of confidence.

Tape hair extensions are particularly suited to people with fine hair, as the tape lies flat to the scalp, giving you a virtually undetectable application. All you have to do is choose the colour that matches your natural hair shade, and you are ready to enjoy increased volume and length!

Having a complete range of tape hair extensions in stock and on hand has set us apart from our competitors and has allowed us to give you, the client, exactly what you want immediately when coming through our doors.

We offer two different types of tape extensions. Both are applied in the same way where four centimetre wide sections are applied in a ‘sandwich style’, but the two options vary slightly in appearance.

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Traditional Tape Hair Extensions

Tape in hair extensions have been extremely popular for some time now due to their incredible look and feel. They are one of the most comfortable and low maintenance extension methods around and have the added bonus of a one-hour application time, so you are not spending hours waiting in the salon for your new look.

These extensions are applied to clean, dry hair by sandwiching the natural hair between two pieces of the tape extensions. With skilful placement by one of our extension specialists, an extremely natural result can be achieved.


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Invisible Tape/Skin Weft Hair Extensions

The bond of the skin weft extensions is what sets them apart from standard tape extensions.

Skin wefts are hand-tied to create the appearance of hair growing directly from a scalp, therefore concealing the tape connection across the top, as you may see in traditional tape extensions. This gives you an extremely natural and discreet result.

Tape in hair extensions are a fantastic method for fine, medium, or thick hair of all lengths. Using a hypoallergenic, specially designed bond, skin weft extensions can be removed simply by spraying with a little of our gentle removal spray. After making their debut in our Gold Coast-based salon and seeing such an incredible response from our new and returning clients, we have also moved the range to our Brisbane, Melbourne, and Sydney salons.

Why should I consider hair extensions?

At EH Hair & Extensions, we know that when you look good, you feel good too. Hair extensions can transform your entire look and boost your confidence. If you are interested in changing up your hair, hair extensions can:

Add length to your locks

Are you struggling to grow out your hair after a regretful chop? Whether you are experiencing hair loss, or your hair just grows super slow, hair extensions can add instant length to your locks, so you don’t have to impatiently wait for your hair to grow back out.

Experiment with colour

With extensions, you can add colour and dimension to your hair without worrying about the dangers of bleach. Adding hair extensions in different shades is an alternative way to add highlights and lowlights to your hair if you don’t want to touch or damage your natural locks.

Add volume to fine and thinning hair

Thin hair can be tricky to manage, as it often looks limp and lifeless, no matter how you style it. Even if you’re happy with the current length of your hair, adding extensions can add luscious thickness to your hair.

Enhance any hairstyle

If you have short or fine hair, you may feel limited in the styles you can pull off. With hair extensions, you will be able to pull off any style, from sleek ponytails to mermaid waves.

Tape Hair Extension Before and After

Pros and Cons of Tape In Hair Extensions

Just like any other hair extension method, tape ins have both advantages and disadvantages. To determine whether this application method is right for you, be sure to weigh up the following pros and cons:


  • Tape extensions are extremely discreet, as they are applied very close to the hairline.
  • Our tape extensions are 4cm wide, which helps to avoid the stringy look at the ends.
  • Tape in extensions are very comfortable to wear.
  • Tape extensions are suitable for all hair types.
  • Tape in extensions are very quick to apply (less than an hour for a full head).
  • Tape extensions do not require any heat or tools to apply.


  • If not installed correctly, tape extensions can slip out of place.
  • Tape in extensions require a lot of maintenance.
  • Tape extensions can be visible when wearing the hair in a high ponytail or bun.
  • Tape in extensions can irritate the head if not applied correctly.

At EH Hair & Extensions, we offer complimentary consultations, during which we can determine whether tape hair extensions will be the right fit for your hair goals.

How much do Tape Extensions cost?

The cost of your tape in hair extensions will depend on various factors, such as the salon visited, the package purchased, the application method chosen and whether you opt for Indian or Russian hair. Keep in mind that in addition to the extensions themselves, you will also need to pay for your stylist to install them into your hair.

At EH Hair & Extensions, our packages range from as low as $355 for 50 grams of Indian hair to as high as $1,850 for 200 grams of premium Russian hair. If you wish to colour, cut, or style your natural hair during your appointment, please keep in mind that this comes at an added expense. If you wish to receive a more accurate outline of how much your tape in extensions will cost, please get in touch to organise a complimentary consultation at our salons in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast. In the meantime, you can check out our general pricing here.

Things to consider for your lifestyle:

  • Cannot wash hair for 48 to 72 hours following application
  • Maintenance required every four to six weeks
  • Longer maintenance time required (removal, hair washed, then re-application)

All extension packages include:

  • Premium Remy J’adore hair applied with the method of your choice
  • Professional application by a qualified technician
  • Professional cut and blend by a qualified technician
  • Follow up appointment if requested
  • All prices are inclusive of GST.
  • Available in all our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney & Melbourne salons.

Frequently Asked Questions about Tape Hair Extensions / Invisible Tape Hair Extensions (Skin Wefts) answered by the EH Hair team:

What are Remy hair extensions?

At EH Hair & Extensions, we use double drawn Remy hair from Jadore Hair Supplies for all of our application methods, including tapes. Remy extensions are made of 100% human hair that has been cut from a ponytail with all of the strands aligned. This process aims to keep the cuticles intact to provide a more natural look. Extensions made from Remy hair should remain silky, soft, and tangle-free throughout its entire lifetime. This differs from human hair that isn’t Remy, which is usually stripped of its natural oils and has a tangled, straw-like texture.

What is the difference between human and synthetic hair extensions?

To provide the most beautiful results, we only use 100% human Remy hair extensions. However, we understand that you may be wondering whether human hair extensions are worth the investment, considering that synthetic hair is much more affordable.

Of course, there are numerous reasons why human extensions are far superior. For one, human hair extensions last much longer than synthetic hair. Our Remy extensions can last for up to a year with proper care, while you’ll be lucky to get three months out of your synthetic extensions. Additionally, human hair extensions can be treated the same as your natural hair, meaning that you are free to style, wash, and colour them to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, you cannot use heat on or apply colour to synthetic extensions. Finally, hair extensions look and feel much more natural than synthetic extensions, which don’t always blend seamlessly with your own hair.

How long does it take to attach Tape Hair Extensions?

The great thing about tape hair extensions is that you won’t have to spend your whole afternoon sitting in the salon. While it will depend on whether you are getting a full head of hair extensions or not, it usually takes 30 to 60 minutes to fit tape hair extensions. This is a lot quicker than other methods, which means that they appeal to women that live busy lives.

When will I need to have my Tape Hair Extensions refitted?

Tape hair extensions require less maintenance than other methods, and you can expect not to be back in the salon until around four to six weeks after they are attached. Of course, this will depend on how fast your hair grows, and the last thing you want is for the tape to become visible. So, everyone will be different.

What are the benefits of Remy Tape Hair Extensions?

Everyone wants their tape hair extensions to look natural, and this is precisely what you get when you choose Remy over synthetic hair. 100% Human Russian Remy hair like we offer at EH Hair and Extensions is chosen for its quality, and the hair is soft, shiny, and simply gorgeous. Plus, since it is natural hair, you can colour and style it like natural hair. This means you can enjoy having straight and wavy hair throughout the year without damaging it.

How do I care for my Tape Hair Extensions?

Keep in mind that your tape will require a bit of care, as extensions need more attention than our natural hair. This is because extensions do not receive any natural oils from the scalp as our natural hair does, so they can dry out very quickly if not looked after correctly. To protect your tape in extensions, we recommend following the below care instructions:

  • Use the salon-quality hair care products provided during your appointment
  • Concentrate shampoo on your natural hair, avoiding your extensions as much as possible
  • Avoid any hair care products containing protein, keratin, or sulphates
  • Apply a deep treatment mask to the hair once a week
  • Wear your hair in a plait when sleeping
  • Brush the hair regularly to avoid knots and tangles
  • Return to the salon for maintenance every four to six weeks to avoid damaging your natural hair

Can I style my Tape Hair Extensions?

We encourage you to try out new styles with your tape hair extensions. Since they are made from 100% Human Russian Remy hair, you can use a straightener and a curling wand on them without damaging them. Just be sure to use a heat protection spray on the extensions first to protect them from the hot temperatures, just like you would for your natural hair. In addition, you can wear your hair up in a variety of styles, and you won’t have to worry about the tape showing. Whether you are wearing a ponytail or a chignon, your hair will look gorgeous!

Are there any products that I should avoid using on Tape Hair Extensions?

It is always best to use specialised products that are meant for hair extensions. This will make sure they get the nutrients they need to say healthy and look beautiful all year round. In particular, any oil-based products should be avoided, as this can make it slippery for tape hair extensions, and they may not stay on as securely as they should. No products with sulphates, proteins, or keratin should be used on hair extensions as these causes irreversible damage. Alcohol products should also be avoided, as this can damage Remy hair.

Can I sleep with my Tape In Hair Extensions?

For tape in hair extensions, you can safely sleep with your extensions. However, if you are using other methods like clips or halos, we recommend removing them before sleeping as this can damage your own hair and your hair extensions.

Will Tape In Hair Extensions damage my natural hair?

Our hair extensions are made from 100% Human Russian Remy hair and, when applied by one of our extension specialists, will not cause any damage to your hair.

Am I allowed to wash my Hair Extensions daily?

It’s safe to wash your tape in hair extensions daily without damaging them. Our product is extremely durable and can withstand the effects of water. However, it is recommended to keep your scalp from getting excessively oily to maintain the bonds.

Can I go swimming with my Tape In Hair Extensions?

Yes, you can go swimming without having to worry that your hair extensions will be accidentally removed. However, you should keep in mind that frequent swimming can shorten the lifespan of your extensions. To protect your tape hair extensions whilst swimming, be sure to leave your hair out or wear it in a loose plait, rinse your extensions with cold water afterwards and wash your hair that same night.

Can I colour my Hair Extensions?

If your tape extensions are too light for your natural hair, or you wish to go darker, our stylists can use a semi or demi-permanent hair colour to achieve your desired look. Keep in mind that hair extensions cannot be bleached, so you may need to purchase new extensions if you wish to lighten your hair.

Can I reuse my Tape In Hair Extensions?

If properly cared for, your tape in hair extensions can be reused for six to 12 months. This means you can save more money than you would with fusion style extensions.

What activities should I avoid when wearing Hair Extensions?

To maintain the integrity of your hair extensions, it is recommended to prevent pulling your hair aggressively or wearing styles that are too tight. These actions can damage your hair extensions by pulling on the underside of the connection.

Will my Invisible Tape Hair Extensions require regular blow-drying?

To ensure that your hair extensions remain silky soft, we recommend regular blow-drying as part of your regular hair routine.

Do skin wefts shed?

No, skin wefts are less likely to shed because they are hand-tied. However, it is important to keep in mind that several factors, such as how your hair extensions are applied and cared for, will greatly affect their lifespan.

What does it feel like to have Tape In Hair Extensions?

If you have tape in hair extensions, you can barely feel that you’re wearing them. This is because they are incredibly lightweight, the application is pain-free, and they adhere to your natural hair. Most importantly, braiding is not required, which can increase the risk of hair loss and scalp discomforts.

Is there a difference between my natural hair and hair extensions during the drying process?

Your natural hair tends to be naturally wavy or curly, while your hair extensions can be smooth as they dry. While the difference is not noticeable, you can blow-dry both your real hair and hair extensions to achieve a soft, silky appearance.



More info about EH Hair Premium Tape In Hair Extensions:


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