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What are Skin Weft Hair Extensions?

Skin weft extensions, EH Hair & Extensions
Feb 18 2016

What are Skin Weft Hair Extensions?

Skin weft extensions, EH Hair & Extensions

Skin weft hair extensions (or Invisitape) are made with 4cm wide silicone tabs that are attached to a section of natural hair, close to the scalp and secured in place using a specialised hypoallergenic tape. This type of extension most closely matches the look of natural hair, giving you an undetectable finish.


Skin weft or Invisi tapes are classified as tape extensions with some subtle differences and it is in these differences where the magic lies.


When you look at a traditional tape extension, you will notice the connecting section across the top of the extension can be shiny and has a ‘tab’ look to it. This is the portion that is sandwiched with another piece, holding a sliver of the natural hair between.


When you look at skin weft extensions, you will notice that there is no shiny tab across the top. Instead, individual hairs have been stitched through the connection all the way to the top, hiding the tab and giving the appearance of natural hair growing out of the scalp.


Skin weft hair extensions, sample 01


How skin weft extensions are attached

Tools: Comb, skin weft, scissors, tape tabs, and hair clips


1. First your stylist will determine where to apply the skin weft hair extensions

They will first pull up the top section of your hair using the back of your ears as a guide. Clip that portion of your hair on top of your hair, successfully separating it from the bottom section of your hair.


2. After they have separated the appropriate section of hair they will begin to apply from the nape of the neck and work their way up.

Before they start installing, your stylist will first section out along the base of your scalp, or the bottom section of your hair. They will ensure to leave a section of hair that is about 1 inch wide to conceal the extensions when you put them up. Your stylist will then continue to section up your scalp in layers, placing skin weft extensions in intervals along each section to blend and lengthen the appearance of your natural hair.


Skin weft extensions for natural-looking results

When applied, the extensions look like natural hair growing straight from the scalp. You can tie your skin weft extensions in a super high ponytail and even if they were being seen, they look just like the natural hair so no one would ever know that you are wearing extensions! This is particularly useful for those with finer hair that may be prone to extensions ‘popping out’ and being seen.


The other advantage of these is that if your roots are a deeper colour than your ends (very common with the popularity of the balayage trend), the extensions can be coloured to match this and create a seamless, perfect blend. Traditional tape extensions cannot be coloured in this top section due to the tab panel.


Here are some images to show you how they look applied.


Skin weft extensions before & after application at EH Hair salon

Example of Skin Weft Hair Extensions


Tape hair extensions application at EH Hair salon

Example of Tape Hair Extensions



What products should I avoid on my skin weft hair extensions?

To maintain the quality and integrity of your hair extensions, avoid products that contain:

  • Alcohol
  • Argan oils
  • Keratin
  • Moroccan oils
  • Protein
  • Sulphates
  • Parabens
  • Silicones or their derivatives


Will Invisitape hair extensions damage my real hair?

When applied correctly, they will not cause any damage to your real hair. Make sure to find an expert hairstylist to maintain the quality of your extensions as well as natural hair.


Am I allowed to perm my skin weft hair extensions?

Perming your extensions is not allowed because the process may compromise their quality. Moreover, the damage done by perming will void any warranties of your extensions.


Why can’t I use keratin or protein on my hair extensions?

These products can affect the adhesiveness of the tape and can make the hair brittle. They build up on the hair shaft which in turn prevents the tape from adhering to your real hair.


Why can’t I use keratin or protein on my hair extensions?

These products can affect the adhesiveness of the tape and can make the hair brittle. They build up on the hair shaft which in turn prevents the tape from adhering to your real hair.


How often should reinstallation of my Invisitape extensions be performed?

You should have them reinstalled every 4 to 6 weeks. This helps maintain the health of your real hair.


Are skin weft hair extensions great for medium to thick hair?

Yes, they are great for these hair types and will effectively add density to your real hair. The extensions will adhere well if you have medium to thick hair.


What are the advantages of skin weft hair extensions?

Using this hair extension method offers the following advantages:

  • Fast and easy application method without the need for heating tools
  • Long-lasting
  • More comfortable to wear
  • Natural and discreet results
  • Reusable
  • Safe and non-damaging
  • Suitable for thin, fine hair


If properly maintained, how long will skin weft hair extensions last?

With proper maintenance, they can last between 9 to 12 months. Your hairstylist will discuss different methods on how you can increase their lifespan.


Are there any disadvantages of skin weft hair extensions?

They may need more time to adhere to your natural hair. This is the reason why washing your hair in the first 1 to 2 days after installation is not advised. Excessive sweating is also not recommended during this time. You are also not allowed to use silicone or oil-based products on your extensions as they can reduce adhesiveness. Moreover, you may not be able to shampoo your hair properly because the installation is usually very close to your scalp after the initial installation.


How do I choose the best length of skin weft hair extensions?

Of course, this will depend on your personal preference. In general, it is best to start with a length of 20 inches. During your consultation, a hair professional will assess your hair condition and desired results. This will help determine the length of hair extensions that will best suit your needs.


What’s the significance of the weight of skin weft hair extensions?

The weight of your hair extensions can help you and your hairstylist determine the need for normal thickness or fuller hair volume.


Will my skin weft hair extensions shed?

No, they will not shed.


How will I care for my skin weft hair extensions?

To maintain the quality of your extensions:

  • Apply sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner to your hair extensions.
  • Avoid prolonged sun exposure.
  • Do not apply conditioner to your scalp if you are wearing your extensions.
  • Do not lighten your hair extensions.
  • Dry your hair extensions at the connection first before combing them.
  • Do not brush your extensions too vigorously
  • Keep your hair extensions clean.
  • Avoid excessive massaging or scrubbing
  • Never use a flat iron directly on the adhesive area.
  • Braid or loosely tie your hair extensions before going to bed.
  • Dry your extensions as soon as possible after water exposure to prolong the bond
  • Use a heat protectant spray before heat styling your hair extensions.
  • Use a wide-tooth comb.
  • Wash your hair extensions using gentle motions.


Want to know more about skin weft extensions and how they can benefit you? Book a top hair salon and hairstyling services in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney, or Melbourne. Call and contact us today for your free consultation.



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