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What are Skin Weft Extensions?

skin weft extensions - EH hair & Extensions
Feb 18 2016

What are Skin Weft Extensions?

skin weft extensions - EH hair & Extensions

A skin weft extension is made with wide, long sections that are attached to the natural hair in the upper region and secured in place using glue or tape. This type of extension easily matches the natural hair, and in most situations, it can be challenging to notice the difference between the real hair and extensions.


In a nutshell, skin wefts are tape extensions. But, they have their differences, and it is in these differences where the magic lies.


When you look at a traditional tape extension, you will notice a section across the top that is shiny and has a thin plastic look to it. This is the glue that holds it all together.


When you look at a skin weft extensions, you will notice there is no shiny panel across the top. Instead, human hairs are running all the way to the top then threaded through a hidden section.




How To Attach Skin Weft Extensions

Tools: Comb, skin weft, scissors, hair glue and hair clips


1. First you need to determine where you want to install the skin weft.
Using your fingers, pull up the top section of your hair using the back of your ears as a general guidance line. Clip that portion of your hair on top of your hair, successfully separating it from the bottom section of your hair.


2. After you have separated the appropriate hair and it’s time to apply your weft, start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up.
But before you start installing, find the base of your scalp or the bottom section of your hair. At the base of your scalp be sure to leave a layer of hair that is about 1 inch in length. Now that you have another section of hair created make sure to keep the separated hair that’s on top away from your middle section. Use a band or clip to keep it secured on top of your head. Now find a comb and form a straight horizontal line across your scalp’s head of hair. You will be placing your weft within the part in between your top layer of hair and middle layer of hair where your scalp is visible.


3. Now it’s time to cut your weft to the appropriate size.
Usually the polyurethane strip that attaches to the hair on your scalp is a couple of feet long. You will need to adjust the length accordingly. Cut the weft to the size of the section on your head that you created. Leave about a half an inch on both sides of the weft.


4. Now is the time to apply the glue to your hair weft.
Apply the hair glue to the polyurethane strip. After setting out your glue or a combination of tape and glue on a near by flat surface, place the cut-to-size weft on a flat surface too. Place the side of the polyurethane strip that has no hair facing upward on the surface. Squeeze the glue bottle to apply a consistent line of glue from one side of the polyurethane strip to the other.


Skin Weft Extensions for Natural Looking Results

When applied the extensions look like natural hair growing straight from the scalp. You can tie your skin weft extensions in a super high ponytail and even if they were being seen they look just like the natural hair so no one would ever know that you are wearing extensions! This is particularly useful for those with finer hair that may be prone to extensions ‘popping out’ and being seen.


The other advantage of these is that if your roots are a deeper colour than your ends (very common with the popularity of the balayage trend) the extensions can be coloured to match this and create a seamless, perfect blend. Traditional tape extensions cannot be coloured in this top section due to the glue panel.


Here are some images to show you how they look applied.



Example of Skin Weft Hair Extensions


Examples of Tape Hair Extensions


For more on skin weft extensions or a booking at a top hair salon and hair styling services in Gold Coast, Brisbane or Melbourne, call and contact us for your free consultation.





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