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What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Skin weft hair extensions model 01, 150 gr, EH Hair & Extensions
Feb 01 2022

What Are Weft Hair Extensions?

Skin weft hair extensions model 01, 150 gr, EH Hair & Extensions

Beaded weft hair extensions add volume to your hair in a way that is natural-looking and creates a bouncy and voluptuous appearance. When made with real human hair, weft hair extensions look healthy and feel soft to the touch, enhancing the look of your natural hair.


Weft hair extensions are available in various forms, most commonly as a machine weft where the hair is machine sewn to form a curtain like hair extension piece. This is commonly held in place with small silicone lined beads and provides wonderfully full coverage in your hair. Blending in perfectly, the hair wefts look just like your natural hair. Unlike other hair extension methods, they do not require an adhesive such as glue or tape to be applied, which lowers the chance of causing damage to your natural hair or to your scalp if they are not maintained correctly at home.


What are the benefits of weft hair extensions?

When made with premium quality Remy hair, beaded weft hair extensions provide countless benefits as they can be treated the same as your natural hair, as well as feel like your natural hair.


1.) Weft hair extensions look natural and blend in beautifully. Weft hair extensions blend well with your natural hair, which can create more subtle results than alternative methods such as applying synthetic extensions. Hair wefts can be applied in various lengths and thicknesses, so that they can fit perfectly with your natural hair.


2.) Hair wefts avoid causing damage to your natural hair. The weft method can cause less damage than some other hair extension techniques, as heat and adhesives are not needed to attach the extensions creating very simple maintenance at home. The silicone beads are designed to protect your hair, which means less pulling and tugging of the natural hair, which can cause breakage. It also means hair wefts are easier to take out, should you change your mind about your hair extensions later down the track, or when you want to refresh your hair extensions with new hair wefts.


3.) Weft hair extensions can be heat styled as normal. High quality hair wefts made from real human hair can be easily curled or straightened with your normal hair. In fact, weft hair extensions can actually give you the ability to create a wider variety of hairstyles than you could before, particularly if your normal hair is usually quite thin. However, you will need to be sure to use a good heat protectant spray before you use your heat styling device to avoid damaging your hair.

Skin weft hair extensions before and after 03, EH Hair & Extensions

4.) You can colour your weft hair extensions just like you would colour your natural hair. When made with quality real human hair, weft hair extensions can be dyed by a professional with a semi permanent colour. However, if the hair has already been treated, it may not take the colour well which can cause it to not blend with your natural hair. This is why untreated premium quality hair extensions are typically the most favoured option.


5.) Hair wefts are available in a wide variety of colours. Since weft hair extensions come in a range of colours and tones, you can find the right hair weft hair extensions that perfectly match your natural hair colour.


6.) They are comfortable to wear. The beads that hold the hair wefts in place are made of lightweight copper with a silicone lining, so they will not feel heavy or pull on your natural hair. Both the weft and the beads that attach to your hair are durable, meaning that you will be able to move around as freely as you usually can, without feeling the hair extensions.


7.) They won’t stop you from growing out your natural hair. If you are trying to grow out your natural hair and are interested in wearing beaded weft hair extensions in the meantime, the extensions will not damage or pull out your natural hair and will allow it to continue to grow longer. Wearing hair extensions can assist your natural hair in growing even faster than if you were not wearing them. They put a gentle pressure on your hair to stimulate hair growth and also protect your natural hair from heat styling as the extensions take the brunt of the heat.


8.) They are long-lasting. Weft hair extensions can last for months or even up to a year, provided that you care for your hair as instructed. When good quality hair extensions are sewn in with your natural hair, they have less chance of tangling and will not move out of place, which reduces the chance of causing damage to the hair.


How should I take care of my weft hair extensions?

To take care of your beaded weft hair extensions, you should:


Only use high quality hair products in your hair that are free from protein, keratin and sulfates
Always use a protein free heat protectant spray before heat styling your hair
Wash your hair with a salon quality sulfate free shampoo and moisturising conditioner
Use a nourishing treatment daily, such as an argan oil treatment
Apply a deep treatment mask weekly
Wear your hair in a plait while you sleep to prevent tangling
Use a good quality hairbrush daily that won’t rip out your hair
Make sure that you return to the salon when necessary, so that the extensions can be adjusted


At EH Hair, we can recommend and supply professional salon brand products that will keep your hair in top condition, such as the J’adore argan oil treatment that can keep your hair looking healthy and hydrated. You can purchase some of our hair care products online or visit one of our salons, in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney.

Russian skin weft hair extensions, Remy hair, model image 02, back view

How long do beaded weft hair extensions last?

When applied by an experienced stylist and cared for correctly, beaded weft hair extensions can as long as a year before needing to be removed or replaced with new hair wefts.


Since the hair wefts are held in place at the roots, they will need to be moved up as your hair grows. The rate that hair grows changes from individual to individual, but generally, the extensions may need to be adjusted every six to eight weeks on average.


What is Remy hair?

Remy hair is 100 per cent real human hair that still has all of the cuticles intact. It is ethically sourced and well cared for before it is applied to your hair. Remy hair is the highest quality hair extension option available, which means that they can look the most natural, last longer and be easier to style.


Will the beads be visible when my hair moves around, or when I tie my hair up?

The silicone beads used to hold the hair weft in place are quite small and are colour matched to the hair so blend into the hair well, so they will not be noticeable when your hair moves or is placed in a tied up hairstyle.


How will the weft hair extensions respond to different weather conditions, such as rain or humid weather?

Remy beaded weft hair extensions will be safe in all kinds of weather conditions, including rain and humidity. However, we do recommend avoiding getting your hair excessively wet and applying a conditioning mask weekly to keep the extensions in their best condition. If your hair has become quite wet in the rain, you should rinse it out as soon as you get home to avoid matting or tangling.


Can I still swim in the ocean and chlorinated pools while wearing beaded hair extensions?

Yes! Quality hair wefts will be safe in the ocean water and in pools, however, we recommend tying your hair in a loose plait or leaving it down as opposed to tying it in a bun, as wearing wet hair in a bun can cause tangling and matting. Since ocean and pool water can be quite drying, due to the ocean salt or chlorine in pools, you should rinse your hair as soon as you can and wash it with a good quality shampoo and conditioner. To protect the hair even more after swimming, you can apply a hair mask to intensely hydrate your hair. If a pool has a high chlorine content it is best to avoid allowing your hair extensions to get wet as there is a risk of the hair extensions discolouring.


A great tip is to apply argan oil or a similar hair nourishing product before you swim to help it retain its moisture. Rinsing your hair before you swim can also help your hair to not absorb the chlorine or salty ocean water, preventing it from becoming dry.


Are beaded weft hair extensions expensive to apply?

While good quality hair weft extensions that are made with 100 per cent real human hair will cost more to apply than synthetic hair extensions, they are worth the investment as they provide far more benefits and create an overall better look than synthetic hair.

weft hair extensions before and after 04, back view, EH Hair Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne

Get beautiful, natural beaded weft hair extensions at EH Hair!

At EH Hair, we transform thin and short hair with the beaded weft hair extension method, using only premium quality Remy hair extensions. Made from 100 per cent real human hair, our hair extensions create a glamorous, full and enhanced look. Our salons, located in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney, strive to create the best hair extension results possible.


If you are not sure whether beaded hair extensions will be right for you, or may be considering another hair extension application method such as tape, a consultation with one of our experienced stylists will help to assess the current state of your hair and determine which hair transformation option will be best.



Book your consultation now to get started on your hair transformation journey!



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