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Bridal Hair Styling Services Hobart

Bridal Hair Styling Services, Hobart


Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so it’s only natural that you will also want to look your very best. Here in Hobart, where the weather is often cool and sometimes downright cold, it is important that you get a professional hairstylist who is able to understand not just your style and the look you are going for, but who also knows the best techniques to keep your hair looking amazing all day long.

That’s where Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions comes in. Not only are we wedding hair styling experts, with plenty of experience in helping Hobart brides to look amazing and feel confident, but we are also hair extension professionals for those who want to explore that route.

As many brides know, it is very important to have an experienced stylist when it comes to bridal hair styling, especially when hair extensions are involved. Our team knows exactly how the different types of hair extensions are suited to each individual, and will help you to create your desired look with ease!

When it comes to bridal hair styling, the most important thing is that the bride is confident and comfortable about her hairstyle. Great bridal hair styling comes with incorporating your personal style and characteristics into your hairstyle; each person is different in what they are want and don’t want for their special day, and our team will always take extra time and care to achieve your dream style for you.

Unfortunately, a lot of brides make the mistake of feeling obligated to wear their hair in an up-style, when you would rarely wear your hair up for any other special occasion. This day is about feeling your best, and if having a simple braid or curls/waves is what you are most comfortable with, then go with it.

Here at Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions, we love helping brides in Hobart in their quest for perfect bridal hair. Our stylists have years of experience and you will not be left with someone who isn’t confident about what they are doing.

Our bridal hair services include a full consultation specific to your wants and needs for your wedding day, a wash and blow-dry if required, in-depth heat styling, and precision up/down styling. We use only professional, high quality tools such as GHD and Cloud 9 hair tools, and our talented hairdressers will make sure that your hair looks simply stunning at your wedding.

We also specialise in boho waves/soft curls that will last all day/night, as well as simple yet elegant up styling. Our affordable prices, experience and expertise, and state of the art tools will not disappoint. Even better, our bridal hair services are extremely flexible: we’re available for both in-salon styling and on-location styling in Hobart, and can cater for up to seven people, so call us today for more information!

What do our clients say?

“Friendly staff, knowledgeable about extensions, and I know they never would do anything that wasn’t going to suit me or my hair type. My colour and extensions were absolutely perfect for my wedding day and my hair was easy to up-style with no extensions being visible!”