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Hair & Extensions Salon Melbourne

Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions

The Best Quality Hair Extensions in Melbourne

After the popularity of our hair salons and receiving huge demand for Emilly Hadrill Hair Styling Services to open in our southern state of Victoria, Emilly and her hair services team traveled to Melbourne for 12 months in 2013 performing a “Pop Up hair Salon”. With a wonderful client base forming we opened a small boutique hair salon which we quickly outgrew and in 2016 we opened our state of the art South Yarra hair salon on Toorak Road.

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Located in South Yarra conveniently close to the Toorak train station and tram lines on chapel Street, the Melbourne hair salon is located at 61 Toorak Road. We are open offering hair services from Tuesday-Saturday including late night Wednesdays and Thursdays.


We are a platinum level L’oreal Professional hair salon offering all aspects of hair styling services, as well as up-styling, bridal hair styling, and of course our renowned human hair extensions – with our premium Russian hair extensions and Indian hair extensions.

Types of Hair Extensions We Offer In Our Melbourne Hair & Extensions Salon

As part of our hair styling services, we are thrilled to offer a range of hair extensions at our Melbourne salon. This particularly includes invisible tape hair extensions, micro bead, micro bead weft extensions and clip in hair extensions in Melbourne.


This means we have more options, and can determine which option is best for your hair type, and your lifestyle etc. We are excited to be offering these as part of our hair styling services and the opportunity to determine at your free consultation which method is best for you.

Tape Hair Extensions & Invisible/Skin Weft Tape Extensions

Our Remy hair invisible tape extensions are made from a flat and thin seamless polyurethane strip that is applied to hair using tape. Perfect for thinning hair, adding volume and length and for simply adding highlights without chemicals. The attachments will not be seen as the tape lies flat against the scalp, which means that clients can feel confident and gorgeous.


A lot of clients choose tape hair extensions because they are easy to fit and only require 60-90 minutes in the salon yet create a long and luscious style. They are also comfortable to wear since they are lightweight and the tape means they are gentle and will not cause hair loss or harm the scalp. There is maintenance required after around six weeks but they will stay in place securely until then.

Micro Bead Extensions

We specialise in our application of micro bead hair extensions in Melbourne and are also available in our other three salons (Brisbane, Sydney & Gold Coast). With this method, you can come back every two months for maintenance which involves pushing up the hair extensions to ensure they are kept neat and putting no stress/damage on your natural hair. You can keep doing maintenance until you feel that the hair needs replacing (or removing).

Best Clip In Hair Extensions Melbourne

Whether your hair is one tone or multi-tone Emilly Hadrill clip in extensions blend easily with any shade. Our clips hold the extension firmly in place and can be taken in or out in a matter of minutes. We offer clip in hair extensions in premium Remy Russian hair. The clip in extension sets are perfect for those who do not wish to always have hair extensions but would like longer, fuller hair for special occasions, such as weddings, formals or special events.

Micro Bead Weft Extensions

Micro bead weft extensions are a less noticeable and advanced version of sew in or machine weft extensions. Because of the efficiency and speed of installing and removing micro bead wefts, this is a cost-effective and high-quality product. Above all — this method is incredibly easy and comfortable to maintain.

Melbourne Hair Extensions Pricing Details

To get informed about packages and hair extensions costs offered in our Melbourne salon, just click here. For all additional information, questions and bookings give us a call or fill booking form.

ZipPay & Afterpay Payment Plans


We understand that often when the decision is made to make a change to our personal appearance, we want it now, rather than later. Thanks to our flexible payment plans with finance partners, zipPay and Afterpay, achieving your dream hair is made all the more affordable, with flexibility on repayments, safe and secure transactions and interest-free payment periods. They are available for all Russian hair extension services, colour and maintenance products.


We are reputed as one of the top hair salons in Melbourne offering the full range of hair services, to provide you with everything your hair will need. And we transcend other hair salons in Melbourne with our superior customer service, an extensive range of options and high-quality products and hair styling services to make you look extraordinary.

Before and After Gallery

To see best works of our Melbourne hair extensions specialists (before and after images), click on the next link here. Our photo gallery will help you to prepare yourself for hair extensions consultations.

We look forward to seeing you at our Melbourne hair extensions salon. Try our hair styling services and make a booking today!

Hair Extensions FAQs Answered by EH Hair Extensions Melbourne Team

Why Should I choose Remy Hair Extensions?

Everybody wants their hair extensions to look natural and the beauty of Remy hair extensions is that they blend in easily, no matter what colour of hair that you have. The hair cuticles are intact and running in the same direction, which will help to prevent tangling and matting. Remy hair extensions are all about quality and while they will cost more than synthetic extensions, they will look natural and last longer. Our team at EH Hair Melbourne only use 100 per cent Remy hair extensions for our clients, which includes Russian and Indian hair in a variety of colours. They are ethically sourced from donors and preserved for the highest quality. This means that when you visit our salons, you can enjoy the best Remy hair extensions!

Can I use Straighteners or Curling Wands on Hair Extensions?

Yes; unlike synthetic hair extensions, Remy hair extensions from our EH Hair team in Melbourne can be styled with heating tools. But, just like your natural hair, it is always recommended that you use a heat protection spray first. Whether you are straightening, curling or just blow drying your hair extensions, a heat spray is going to protect the hair from the hot temperatures. This will allow your extensions to last longer and stay in beautiful condition. Just be sure to keep the heat away from the bonds, tape or beads of your extensions.

How Long will Hair Extensions Last?

The life that you get from your extensions all depends on the grade of hair that is used. Our EH Hair team in Melbourne only use the highest grade of hair extensions for our clients, which means that they will last longer than others. For our Remy Indian hair extensions, clients normally enjoy around six months from their hair extensions before a new set. The higher grade Remy Russian hair extensions last even longer and you can enjoy around nine months from them.


Of course, if you look after your hair extensions they are going to last longer. We say that extensions need a bit more TLC than your natural hair because they don’t get any natural oils or nutrients from the roots. That is why we recommend our professional salon brand shampoo and conditioner. J’adore argan oil treatment is also fantastic for nourishing extensions and keeping them in beautiful condition. In addition, it is recommended that you brush them regularly and keep away from chlorine and saltwater when you can. Braiding the hair can also avoid tangles and damaging knots.

Can I Colour my Hair Extensions?

Remy hair extensions can be coloured just like your natural hair, but it is not recommended to colour the hair to a lighter shade. Bleaching the hair can be a very damaging and harsh chemical process, which will destroy the hair cuticles and make the condition dry. Our EH Hair team in Melbourne will try their best to find the best shade for your natural hair and they will be able to colour it if you still want to change the shade.

How do I shower with Hair Extensions?

Showering with hair extensions sounds like it will be hard work. But in reality, it is just the same as washing your natural hair but with a little more care. Before you get in the shower, comb through your extensions to remove any tangles. You should avoid doing this when the hair is wet because it is weaker and it will break easily. Massage the shampoo into your hair and let it flow through the tips. Excessive squeezing and pulling can damage the fragile ends of your extensions. When you apply conditioner, keep it away for your clap, as this can make your extensions slippery and the attachments can slide around.

61 Toorak Road, South Yarra

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