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Bead Hair Extensions Melbourne

Generally, bead hair extensions are made out of either synthetic or human hair, and are bonded either in individual 1-gram strands or into a 1-metre weft. They are applied with a small plastic coated copper bead that is simply clamped shut to secure the extension.

Here at Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions in Melbourne, we are proud to say that we use strictly 100% human hair, and the highest grade of copper micro beads.

The most common reason for getting beaded hair extensions is there are no glues or adhesives involved, so maintenance is a quick and easy process. Bead hair extensions are very discreet, comfortable and low maintenance.

The biggest benefit of our i-tip bead hair extensions (individual strands) is that they are great for clients with fine hair and keeping their natural hair in good condition. The weft extensions that are held in with beads are perfect for clients with thick/coarse hair, and will create a very full look.

The disadvantage to i-tip bead hair extensions is that if they are kept significantly longer than your natural hair, they can become stringy looking through the very ends, although to overcome this we always recommend cutting the extensions to a more natural looking length and using the correct products.

Another disadvantage is that they are slightly bulky at the attachment, making them more difficult to hide when working up high in fine hair types. This is why we usually recommend bead hair extensions only to people with naturally thick/coarse hair.

Often a concern/disadvantage for clients who want i-tip bead hair extensions is that the bead hair extensions could slip from the hair, as they do not have any glue or adhesive on them.

At Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions in Melbourne however, we have now perfected this technique using the correct cylinders (beads) that are fitted exactly the right size to our i-tip hair extensions. We also make sure there is enough natural hair in each section to support the attachment.

Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions has specialised in bead hair extensions for many years, and our highly experienced Melbourne team ensures that we will be able to create a natural result for you, regardless of whether you wear your hair up or down. Even better, we’ll also help to keep your hair damage free!