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5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn’t Growing

Hair Growth Tips - 5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing
Jan 08 2018

5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn’t Growing

Hair Growth Tips - 5 Reasons Your Natural Hair Isn't Growing

Do you find that no matter how hard you wish and wait, your hair just won’t grow past a certain point? Before you know it you have to get it cut again, so it looks respectable…


I know it’s annoying but not cutting it means your hair ends up looking tattered or styling efforts don’t seem to work because your hair isn’t sitting right — the next thing you know your in a salon getting a good 1-2 cm cut off again and all your efforts are on the salon floor.


So what is it then? We did a bit of digging and found some logical reasons for the stunned hair growth problem. There are many factors, not all of them will relate to you because hair growth is an individual thing and every one is different. However, we can still give you a better understanding of what might be affecting the growth of the hair on your head.


1. Genetics

Sometimes you might struggle with growing your hair long purely because it’s just not who you are; think about your family history when it comes to hair. If you determine that it may very well be in your genes then another option to consider would be to look at investing in hair extensions, they are great for helping you achieve your long hair goals instantly and are by far the safest and lowest maintenance option when it comes to hair extensions. So it’s a win-win.


2. Diet for Hair Growth

What you put into your body has a significant impact on how your hair grows. Things like:


If you’re eating foods that contain a lot of acids, then it’s most definitely going to affect the quality of your hair and stunt its growth. Foods that are nourishing and promote healthy hair growth are foods high in protein, essential fatty acids — especially omega-3 fatty acids, flaxseed oil, walnuts and almonds — (easy to snack on every day).


Oral vitamins are a great way to quickly and easily put some nutrients into your diet for healthy hair growth. Here are four of the top vitamins recommended for fast and healthy hair growth.


Folic Acid
Vitamin D
B Complex Vitamins: If you’re taking B vitamins make sure you balance them with other B vitamins, so you don’t create a vitamin deficiency.


We can’t stress enough how important drinking water is for your hair, its what gives your hair moisture from the inside out. Just like a plant needs water to thrive so does your hair. Water helps flush toxins out of the body, which makes it an easy, natural way to make your hair grow faster. If you drink 1 litre of water a day, not only will your skin and body glow but your hair will get stronger and grow longer.


3. The Products You Use

Most products these days have chemicals in them, and even though some of them work really well to keep your hair looking and feeling great, they don’t always contain the best ingredients and cause other issues while masking the appearance of healthy soft hair. Think about it, putting chemicals on your scalp 1-2 times a week can’t be all that good for your scalp or hair. Try and go for products that are derived from natural ingredients.


Also if your serious about your hair make sure you buy quality products! Supermarket products vs Salon products will vary in price, and the reason is you get what you pay for. Supermarket products are basically like watered down detergent. Can you imagine what that’s doing to your hair and scalp? If you care about the quality of your hair and want it to grow, make sure you invest in a good shampoo and conditioner.


4. The Way You Treat It

Hot tools:
Obviously the more you use hot tools the more you’re going to damage your hair, right? You know the drill if you’re going to do this make sure you use a quality heat protector, salon products are the best to go to for this buy.


If your rough when you brush your hair, you’ll cause breakage. Always start from the bottom of your hair and work your way up, so you get the knots out as you brush.


Don’t wash your hair every day. The key to growing it long is first to get it healthy and thriving, your natural oils from your scalp will ensure your hair stays moisturised. Once a week is ideal, but if you can wait even longer to wash your hair the more conditioned it will get.


5. How You Feel

Do you stress or get anxiety? Stress has been known to slow down the growth process, which makes perfect sense because stress affects our bodies in so many ways, all being negative. So if you stress a lot try and ask yourself “Is what I’m stressing over worth affecting my hair for? Stress is pointless it doesn’t serve us in any way so it’s worth trying to control that lousy emotion as best you can, focus on something that makes you happy next time you’re stressed.


Now that you’re aware of some of the high-level aspects of why your hair might not be growing, you can continuously tweak and modify some of these aspects into your lifestyle. In the meantime, hair extensions are a perfect solution while growing your hair out from a short cut to add length immediately.


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