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Beginners Guide: How to Select High-Quality Natural Hair Extensions

natural hair extensions by EH Hair Extensions
Jul 24 2017

Beginners Guide: How to Select High-Quality Natural Hair Extensions

natural hair extensions by EH Hair Extensions

There are so many different brands to choose from, but not every brand of extensions is a high-quality product. When it comes to something as personal as hair extensions it’s important that you purchase a great product that doesn’t tangle or matt after the initial wash.

Natural hair extensions are an investment, and the higher quality you purchase the longer they last and the more REAL they look. Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions is the leading provider of premium hair extensions in Australia.

Consider the following before your next hair extension purchase!


Always Blend!

Admit it! You’ve stared hopelessly in the mirror, time after time, not knowing what to do with your hair. As a result, we sometimes turn to a dependable style when we simply just want to break away from our natural hairstyle.

Nowadays there are a large number of hair extension companies to choose from, so it can be challenging to know which one will have long lasting protection and fit your lifestyle best.


The Texture of Hair Extensions vs Your Natural Hair Texture

Spending most of your hard earned money on high-quality natural hair extensions, only to realise that the extensions and your natural hair don’t blend properly is a terrible experience. It falls short in what we like to call “blendation.”

Blendation is a word that’s used when your real hair flawlessly blends with your natural hair extensions, making it hard from anyone to tell where your extensions and natural hair connect.

Thus do yourself a favour and ensure that the extensions you buy are as close as possible to the length and texture of your real hair.



Ideally, you should decide how committed you are to the hair extension “process“. If your goal is to make sure that your “blendation” is perfect, then you need to take care of your extensions like you take care of your natural hair.



Before you set a budget for your natural hair extensions you should determine your intention for the style. Do you plan on keeping the extensions in for a couple of weeks or for much longer?

If you do have the flexibility to use the extensions more than once, we advise that you create a budget plan that reflects your purchase as an “investment.” Initially, it may be a dip deep into your wallet, but it will be worthwhile when it comes to quality and longevity.


Quality of Natural Hair Extensions

EH Hair Extensions salon, an outside view
We often hear quite a bit about quality especially when dealing with natural hair extensions, but how can you evaluate the quality of a product from your computer? Whether you do your shopping at a physical store or online, it’s important to consider these three points:


1.) Transparency

It all comes down to transparency and if the company is willing to answer your questions and concerns about their natural hair extensions. A company should be able to describe where the hair derives from and the process used to achieve the natural texture.


2.) Reviews

Reviews are crucial. Take your time and thoroughly read through reviews and see what customers are saying about the product and company. Remember that no matter what, there will always be differing experiences and opinions, however, if a large number of customers are disappointed and leave negative reviews, choose a different brand.


3.) Customer Service

It’s easy to get frustrated when you try to get in touch with a company regarding your order and you are constantly emailing, calling, sending smoke signals and getting absolutely nowhere! Or if you do get a response and the customer service representative is unpleasant to deal with. Excellent customer service should mean everything to a company and it should to you too.

Make sure that the company has a trustworthy contact system, this way if you have any questions or concerns about your order you can contact them without any hassle. Lastly, make sure you read their return/exchange policy and ensure that they are acceptable.


2017 is your year; so just make sure that as you are out shining in your health, love and career goals…that your natural hair extensions shine right along with you!

For high-quality natural hair extensions visit an Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions hair salon near you, located across Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney & the Gold Coast.



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