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Hair extensions are a popular way to add extra volume and/or length to your natural hair using a form of attachment. Extensions can be made from synthetic (plastic) fibres, human hair, or sometimes a mixture of both. They are applied to the roots of your natural hair, leaving your hairline and part free to cover the attachment. These days, there are a wide variety of attachments available for hair extensions, including tape, micro bead, weft/weave, keratin bonding and clip ins.

Here at Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Gold Coast, we are specialists in providing high quality hair extensions, applied professionally to create a natural look. The most common reason our clients get hair extensions is to instantly add length to their natural hair without having to wait two or more years for their hair to grow out to the length that they desire. Another popular reason is to add volume and thickness – there are so many people with fine hair who want more fullness and style, which is almost impossible to achieve through any way other than extensions.
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What are the benefits of our hair extensions?

The most beneficial thing about our hair extensions is that they are 100% remy human hair. Remy refers to hair that has been cut in a ponytail with the hair cuticles running the same way, and differs from non-remy hair, where the cuticles are running in opposite directions. Unlike remy human hair, non-remy hair, once applied, will frizz, tangle and knot very easily.

Another huge benefit is that our extensions are 100% either Indian or Russian hair, which means we are able to closely match the texture of your natural hair. Indian hair is slightly courser in texture, making it suitable for clients with naturally course hair, while Russian hair is slightly finer and softer in texture, which makes it suitable for people with fine hair. Unlike most salons, we do not use a blend of both textures.


Are there any disadvantages to using hair extensions?

The main disadvantage to using hair extensions is that they can be damaging to your natural hair if, firstly, they have not been applied correctly, and secondly, the correct maintenance and care have not been carried out by the client and/or stylist.

At Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Gold Coast, our team is highly trained and we make it a point to always educate our clients too. As specialists in hair extensions, we know the ins and outs of hair extensions and how to keep your natural hair healthy while wearing them. A lot of hair salons add extensions as an extra service and are not fully trained on what products you should be using on them, maintenance services (which is a key factor), and the correct way of application. All of our staff are highly trained hair extension technicians and are also fully qualified hairstylists, which is essential when considering extensions.
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Why choose Emilly Hadrill Hair Extensions Gold Coast?

Our hair extensions are not only of amazing quality but we also offer different methods of application, as suitable methods vary for each individual according to their hair type, lifestyle and how they wear their hair. Along with the high quality of our hair extensions, our technicians are highly trained and knowledgeable, and will always give an honest opinion as to what will be most suitable for you.

Do you need hair extensions in the Gold Coast? Emilly Hadrill Gold Coast hair extensions salon is located in Broadbeach under the Meriton Hotel, and we have an amazing team that includes Elise, Lisa, Angela, Gabriella, Keziah and Shonte. Come say hello!


Client testimonials

“Everyone is very lovely at EH Hair Extensions Gold Coast. The lady I had was more than helpful and accommodating with what I wanted from my extensions. You’re made very welcome as soon as you walk in the door.”

“The stylist talks you through each step, explaining the pros and cons clearly. The staff are very welcoming and nothing is too much trouble. They listen to your concerns and work with you to reach a solution. Will highly recommend this salon.”

“My hairdresser was not only friendly but helped me understand the maintenance and care that I needed to follow to keep the locks in top condition. I enjoyed my time so much that I rung my best friend to go see her and she booked in the next day. Thank you for changing my mindset from prior dreadful experiences and making me feel like a confident, whole new woman.”