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The Top 5 Things Every Bride Needs to Know for Her Big Day

EH wedding hair e1483771110299 | Emilly Hadrill: Hair Extensions in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney | 1
Jan 07 2017

The Top 5 Things Every Bride Needs to Know for Her Big Day

EH wedding hair e1483771110299 | Emilly Hadrill: Hair Extensions in Gold Coast, Brisbane, Melbourne & Sydney | 2

From the moment a bride walks towards her chosen partner at the beginning of the marriage ceremony, all eyes will be on her. As the star attraction she needs to be dressed to impress from top to toe, starting with her bridal hair.

So, to ensure that everything goes to plan, or at least to reduce the possibility of bad hair days as much as possible, here are the top 5 things every bride needs to know when it comes to bridal hair:


Healthy hair from the inside out

We know that the main concern is going to be whether or not the dress will look stunning on the day, and on the run up to the big event, many women focus on reducing weight. Make sure your diet is rich in Vitamin B because this will really bring out the shine in your hair.

Eating foods such as eggs, fish and nuts will ensure that your bridal hair is in top condition. About a month before the ceremony, treat yourself to a deep conditioning treatment and scalp massage to stimulate the hair follicles.


Bridal hair colour

Wedding photographs are for keeps so if you are considering changing your bridal hair colour, start to prepare for this in advance. Highlights or lowlights should complement and not clash with the overall look or colour theme you are going for, so make sure you discuss this with your hairstylist.

Also, think about what hairstyle you are having; if you go for highlights and your hair is going to be upswept, there will be a lot of roots showing so you may wish to avoid this. Some colours will look harsh under artificial lighting so depending on where the wedding is taking place, have a test run of your preferred colour and then take photographs to make sure you are happy with the end result.


Theme your bridal hair

If you are planning a bohemian type wedding with an ethereal look, ensure that your bridal hair complements this theme. Messy buns with flower crowns or a circlet of flowers and loose curled hair are perfect for this type of wedding.

For more of a vintage feel, you could be considering a low twisted bun with a crystal headpiece held at the back of the head, or a Great Gatsby style crop, complete with glittering bandeau. Whatever you are going for, make sure that you talk through your ideas well in advance with your hairstylist for the ideal bridal hairstyle.


Think about the long and the short of it

If you are planning a change in hair length, do make sure that you give yourself and your hair time to adjust and be ready for the big day. The first time to try hair extensions is not the day before your wedding, so do a trial run about 6 months before, or discuss using clip-ons when you first meet with your hairstylist to discuss your bridal hairstyle.


Practice makes perfect

Last but not least, ensure that you book all your appointments in advance and bring along your bridesmaids for a practice run prior to the big day. This can be easy to overlook in the hustle and bustle of preparations, but doing this will go a long way towards helping you to be sure that everything will run smoothly on the day.


For perfect bridal hair on your special day, chat to a specialist at one of our bridal hair salons in Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast and Melbourne today.

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