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What Is The Big Deal About Paraben and Sulfate In Our Hair Care Products?

Feb 09 2016

What Is The Big Deal About Paraben and Sulfate In Our Hair Care Products?

Shampoo would be one of the most essential cosmetic products in a woman’s bathroom. We rely on it for the health and look of our hair, but there are certain chemicals used in some shampoo that might be causing more harm than good.


Paraben, for example, is a chemical substance that is used not only in shampoos but in the majority of cosmetic products as well. Paraben is used to prolong the shelf life of a product as it inhibits bacterial growth.
Paraben is a cheap product making it attractive to manufacturing companies. However, paraben has been found to increase the levels of estrogen, which can cause breast cancers.
Paraben can also contribute to the early upshot of puberty and can contribute to hair and scalp problems such as deterioration of the hair follicles by removing the protective cuticle, making the hair dull and brittle.


The findings from these studies are inconclusive so not all believe this study and the industry has deemed parabens safe but it’s becoming widely accepted that a more natural option free of paraben is the way to go.




Another nasty chemical in many cosmetic products is Sulfate. Sulfate is used due to its effectiveness in attracting and then breaking down dirt on the hair and scalp however studies also show that the addition of sulfate could cause certain damages to the body such as eye damage (which can lead to blindness in young children), skin irritations, hair loss and hair thinning. It has also been shown to slow the growth of hair. Sulfate has been found to be toxic and carcinogenic.


Because of these results, many cosmetic companies are taking the natural approach and formulating product ranges that are paraben and sulfate free. The nasty chemicals are replaced with preservatives like extract from grapefruit seed, vitamin E and Germall Plus which are all organic and natural and will make the hair and scalp healthier and more moisturised.


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