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What Makes a Top Hair Salon?

EH Hair & Extensions salon Brisbane salon - the best hair salon in Brisbane
Dec 14 2016

What Makes a Top Hair Salon?

EH Hair & Extensions salon Brisbane salon - the best hair salon in Brisbane

Visiting a hair salon is a necessary part of life. Even if you opt for a DIY hair colour job, it is far less likely that you will also cut your own hair. Ultimately, a visit to a hair salon is a must, even if it is something you only do two to three times a year.

That being said, if you’re going to spend money going to a salon, you want to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for your buck. As you may have noticed, not all hair salons are created equal. So how do you tell a top hair salon from a subpar one? The price list might be a telltale sign – established brands tend to charge more than your regular neighbourhood salon – but don’t be so quick to dismiss the latter either.

Here, in no particular order, are some of the questions that you might ask to figure out if you are dealing with a top-notch hair salon.


Does your hair salon carry a trusted, established brand of hair care products?

Most people don’t stop to ask what products their hairdressers are using on their hair. But the products that a hair salon uses are a big part of the service that they are able to offer. Good hair products will invariably lead to better results for you, the customer.

Make sure that your hair salon is using a trusted professional brand of hair care products for each and every step of your hair treatment. This is especially important when it comes to products such as hair colour or hair extensions, for example.


Does your hair salon have top quality, well maintained equipment?

Much like the hair care products that a hair salon uses, equipment also plays a very big part in the quality of hair care that a salon is able to provide to their customers. Top quality, state of the art equipment that utilises the latest technology is a sign that the hair salon is keeping up with industry trends and knowledge, and more often than not, these will be better for your hair as well.

At the same time, check the state of the equipment that is being used. Equipment that is old, run down, in a state of disrepair and dirty are likely a sign that the salon isn’t maintaining their equipment properly. Besides this impacting on the level of service that the hair salon is able to provide, it could also be dangerous for the customers.


Does your hair salon have their customers in mind?

Ask yourself: How do you feel when you walk into your hair salon? Do you feel welcome? Do you feel pampered and taken care of? A good hair salon will always be thinking about their customers’ experience, from the moment they walk in the door right through till they say their goodbyes.

While items such as glossy style and fashion magazines are ubiquitous in hair salons, a good hair salon will always try and make the customer as comfortable as possible, including greeting customers with a smile and being friendly and courteous, offering a complimentary drink or hot beverage, and ensuring the lighting, heating or cooling is just right.


Does your hair salon have the expertise to back it up?

Last but not least, a good hair salon should have staff members that are experts at what they do: cutting and styling your hair! This is, after all, the reason that you are visiting the hair salon in the first place.

Having the right professional expertise refers to more than just washing, cutting and blow-drying hair; your hairstylist at a top hair salon should also be well versed in industry trends and latest news and be able to offer you the right advice in a wide range of hair matters, from the style of your desired haircut to the type of hair colour you should try.

If you’re getting hair extensions, make sure you visit a top hair salon that is experienced in dealing with hair extensions, as they will be able to advise you on the different types of hair extensions and maintenance.


For an extraordinary hair salon experience, chat to a specialist at one of our bridal hair salons in Brisbane, Gold CoastMelbourne and Sydney and book an appointment today.


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