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Why You Should be Buying Professional Hair Care Products from Salons

professional hair care products - eh hair extensions shop
Aug 20 2020

Why You Should be Buying Professional Hair Care Products from Salons

professional hair care products - eh hair extensions shop

We all want to maintain healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. In order to do this, you need to be smart about where you buy your hair care products from.


You aren’t going to achieve perfect hair by using supermarket products. Next time you get your hair cut or coloured, ask your hairdresser for their professional recommendations.


Here are five reasons why you should be buying professional hair care products from salons.


Nourish your hair with active ingredients

The biggest difference between professional and supermarket hair care products lies in the quality of ingredients. We expect our hair care products to nourish our hair, rather than do further damage. Yet, this is exactly what cheaper products do.


Usually, hair care products found at the supermarket contain more water, sulphates and fillers than nourishing ingredients. Professional hair care products that are found in salon, however, are highly concentrated with high-grade ingredients.


Filled with vitamins, oils and minerals, salon-grade products work to truly nourish your hair. Additionally, these products contain less fillers, which prevents waxy build up and hydrates your hair from within.


Salon grade products guarantee results

We’ve all been down the haircare aisle at the supermarket. There are endless products to choose from, and none of us have the time to scan the bottles in attempt to understand what the ingredients are meant to do for our hair.


Sure, you can attempt to save money by purchasing supermarket products, however, there is no guarantee that they will work. Professional hair care products, on the other hand, are specifically designed to work with certain hair types and textures.


Choosing to buy professional products from a salon means purchasing products from someone who really understands how the products work and how the ingredients will impact your hair. Professional hairdressers know what does and doesn’t work – why wouldn’t you choose the hair care products they know and trust?

EH Hair professional hair products

Your hairdresser knows your hair

Speaking of trust, your hairdresser knows your hair and understands which products will work best for your specific hair type.


Professional stylists know all about the latest hair care products and test their claims daily. Why pick products blindly from the supermarket aisle when your hairdresser can recommend you the best products on the market?


More than that, your hairdresser can give you professional advice on which hair care products can give you the results you want for your specific lifestyle, hair type, hairstyle and more. Unlike supermarket products, salon recommendations are catered and customised to your hair type.


Protect your hair from damage

It is particularly important to take extra care of your hair if you colour and chemically treat your hair regularly. After all, the hair care products you use can have a huge impact on the way colour processes and reacts with your hair.


Additionally, supermarket products tend to dry out your hair and strip the dye, leading to dull, washed out colour and more trips to the salon. Save yourself this hassle and make the switch the professional-grade products next time you visit the salon.


Professional products last longer

The biggest drawback of professional hair care products is the cost. Yet, what if we told you that there really isn’t much of a difference in price between supermarket and salon grade products?


Unlike products found in the supermarket, salon hair products contain much higher concentrations of quality ingredients that are better for your hair. This means that you’ll get better results, whilst using less product. As salon products last longer, the price is balanced out, meaning that your hair ultimately benefits from the extra love given by professional products.


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