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"Your guide to hair extensions."

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Your Complete Guide to Clip In Hair Extensions

Guide to Clip In Hair Extensions - EH Hair
Aug 30 2017

Your Complete Guide to Clip In Hair Extensions

Guide to Clip In Hair Extensions - EH Hair

If you’re looking for a complete guide on how to clip in hair extensions, you’ve come to the right place.
Hair extensions are becoming increasingly popular for their ability to transform your look in an instant. Clip-ins, in particular, are a fantastic tool for special occasions for those who don’t want to commit to tape, weft, or bonded extensions.
By clipping in pieces of hair and styling them to blend with your natural hair, you have the flexibility to wear your hair long or short, up or down, and with absolutely no damage (as long as you’re not wearing them constantly).


How to Choose the Right Extensions

Real or Synthetic? Synthetic hair is usually the most affordable but can be harder to blend into your natural hair, as the style is set already. Natural hair is usually more expensive but can be dyed and styled to match your natural hair perfectly.
At Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions all our hair is 100% Remy, which gives a much better result as the hair cuticles are intact and running in the same direction. We stock multiple options to suit different budgets, and hold an extensive range of stock.
The Right Shade? Getting the right shade of hair will make a huge difference to your finished look. You can either try to colour match, or natural hair can be dyed to perfectly match your look.
The Right Length? Whilst extensions are fab for adding length, for a natural finish, opt for no more a couple of inches or so longer than your natural hair if you want it to blend. If you are buying extensions to cut and style with your hair, then remember to choose a longer length that can be trimmed.


How to Apply your Clip-Ins

One of the things that scare a lot of people about clip in hair extensions is the task of putting them in. However, with a few simple tricks, it is much easier than you might think.
Get your tools prepped. Hair tools will make your life much easier. Invest in some sectioning clips and a tail comb to help you part and separate your hair as you put in your clip-ins.
Go bit by bit. This is key to getting a gorgeous finish. Most clip-in hair extensions come with a few different size wefts that work best applied section by section. By parting and sectioning your hair and then applying piece by piece, you’ll be able to blend them perfectly into your natural hair.
Start and end small. This is the best way to remember your application steps. The smallest wefts start at the nape of your head, then as you move up through the hair, they are wider and finally you can finish the look with small sections at the side of your head above your ears. This will keep volume where you need it and stop the tapes or clips being visible.
Give them something to grip to. A big concern with clip-ins is that they can slide down your hair. The best way to keep them in place is to give them something to hold on to. Either backcomb the roots of your hair gently before you clip them in, or tie fine sections of hair into tiny hair elastics just below where the clips need to go.
Blend them in. Styling your extensions once you’ve applied them will help them blend seamlessly into your natural hair. Whether you choose to curl them, straighten them, or just choose a different look like an updo, styling up your extensions will help them look part of your everyday style.
Clip in hair extensions before and after - Russian - EH Hair & Extensions Gold Coast, Brisbane , Sydney & Melbourne


Clip In Hair Extensions Care Tips & Tricks

If properly cared for, clip-ins can last you a good amount of time. There are a few tips you can follow to make sure your extensions stay in the best condition.
Keep heat low. When you’re styling your extensions, try to minimise damage by keeping your heat tools on a low heat setting. It is also always worth remembering to use a heat protector on your extensions as well as your natural hair, to avoid damage.
Minimise washing and styling. Extensions aren’t naturally nourished by the scalp like our own hair, so it is important to try to avoid stripping them of oils by washing and styling too much.
Go sulphate-free. When washing and conditioning your extensions, stop product build-up or oil stripping by opting for a sulphate-free formula.
Give them a treat. If the ends of your extensions look a little lacklustre or dry, then a hair mask can help revitalise them.
Brush gently. When detangling and styling your extensions, make sure to go gently and look for brushes that won’t snag and rip at them.
Store them carefully. How you store your extensions will have a big impact on whether they get tangled or damaged. Always detangle and brush through them before putting them away.


The best clip-in extensions

Whatever length, volume or colour you are looking for, clip ins are the perfect hair extensions for you. Visit Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions at any one of our salons in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne areas for premium 100% Remy clip in hair extensions.



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