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Why Remy Hair Extensions are so Popular These Days

remy hair extensions - EH Hair
Jun 19 2017

Why Remy Hair Extensions are so Popular These Days

remy hair extensions - EH Hair

Unfortunately not everybody has beautiful long flowing hair. Thankfully, the haircare industry is advancing, and the market is overflowing with a wide range of products that will assist you in achieving the perfect hair. For those of you that are troubled with thinning or dull hair, Remy hair extensions may just be the perfect option for you.


So What Exactly Is Remy Hair?

Remy (also spelt “Remi”) is the highest quality of hair extension you can get. Remy means the method of bundling up human hair to preserve the ends and roots in the right direction. The hair is cut from donors, generally from Russia, India, Brazil and Peru.
Remy hair doesn’t need much processing at all, besides some gentle dyeing to ensure that it matches the European hair colour range. Because the hair cuticles are left intact (a cuticle is the protective layer that goes around each strand of hair) and the follicles don’t get caught against each other, Remy hair retains its moisture and sheen properties for much longer than their inferior “real human hair” counterparts.
Remy hair that is “double-drawn” is another step up, quality-wise. It means that the shorter or damaged hairs from the donor are removed manually, one at a time. This guarantees that the ratio of long hairs is high and that there is no tapering towards the ends.
At the very top end of the scale, “Virgin” Remy hair extensions describe hair that hasn’t been dyed or processed and has only been cleaned. “Virgin” hair could easily fetch several hundreds of dollars for a single set (if not thousands).


Remy Hair Extensions Are Low Maintenance

Remy human hair extensions don’t need added maintenance compared to your natural hair. To maintain your hair extensions, you simply need to brush them regularly, use top-notch hair care products, wear your extensions up at night and gently wash them. You don’t actually need to do a lot different from how you take care of your regular hair.
Remy hair can be treated just like your own hair, unlike synthetic hair extensions. It can be styled, washed, dyed and sustain heat whether from using curlers, irons or blow-dryers. You can even go swimming with your extensions and not have to worry about damaging them. The only thing you should avoid is going to sleep with wet hair extensions.


Remy Hair Extensions Are High-Quality

about remy hair extensions
Different to other types of extensions, Remy are top-notch hair extensions that retain their hair cuticles; this is because they are put through a unique process that lets the hair cuticles stay in place. The hair cuticles are the initial line of defence, and this helps in guarding the hair structure; which is one of the main reasons why Remy hair extensions are glossy and lustrous.


Remy Hair Extensions Have a Longer Lifespan

Isn’t it annoying when you have brand new extensions put in and they don’t end up looking how you imagined they would? Some hair extensions have a tendency of getting damaged in less than a week; however, Remy hair extensions have a much longer lifespan than other hair extensions and are worth purchasing.
Almost all hair extensions are not durable enough and don’t allow you to play around with various hairstyles, or even allow you to change your hair colour. Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, allow you to try different hairstyles as much as you want. You can actually dye the extensions in different colours without having to worry about losing its shine or causing damage.


Remy Hair Extensions Are Affordable

When compared to different low-cost synthetic extensions, Remy extensions are well worth every cent that you spend because they provide a variety of benefits; making them an investment rather than an expense.
The shine in most synthetic extensions is lost in only a few days; Remy hair extensions, on the other hand, are of the highest quality and maintain their gloss for months. They are amazingly adjustable; allowing you to experiment with various hairstyles causing no damage to your hair. You won’t have to stress out about getting rid of all your favourite hairstyle products, shampoos and conditioners just because the shine and strength of your hair are fading; thus you will save money in the long run.
Remy hair extensions are a great investment especially if you want to transform your hair. They are very versatile and provide freedom in colour, length and style.

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