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Taking Better Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Summer Months

Taking Better Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Summer Months
Feb 19 2020

Taking Better Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Summer Months

Taking Better Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Summer Months

Heat can do a number on your hair and if you want to protect your new extensions when the sun’s at its harshest, these tips will help.


What’s not to love about summer? The warm sun, salty sea breezes and spending time outdoors – summer gives us some of the best months of the year. Unfortunately, these warmer months aren’t always kind to your hair, especially if you have hair extensions.


You’ve just invested in hair extensions and want them to last as long as possible, which is why you’ll need to take some extra precautions during the summer months.


The hair that makes up your extensions acts as normal hair and can mostly be treated as such. It’s more the bonds and tape that require extra care, especially in hot weather. Water is the biggest threat to your bond extensions, especially if left wet for a prolonged period of time. Chemicals and salt in water can also break down tape extensions, particularly if you’re swimming almost every day.


Below are a few professional tips that will ensure your hair extensions look great throughout summer.


Easy Ways to Care for Your Hair Extensions in Summer

Avoid Chlorine as Much as You Can
It’s not always easy to avoid chlorine when you want to spend your days by the pool, but if possible, try to limit how much you expose your hair to chlorine. Not only can these chemicals damage your bonds but your extensions will become dry, tangled and discoloured. The same applies to salt water – it might not have harsh chemicals but the drying effects of the salt will ruin your hair extensions if you spend too much time in the water.


Wash Your Hair after Every Swim
If you plan on spending time in the water, be sure to wash your hair as soon as you can afterwards. Even if you at least rinse your hair thoroughly and wash it a few hours later, that would be better than leaving the chemicals or salt in your hair. Once you are ready to wash your hair, use a treatment mask to replenish any lost moisture (we love this one from Jadore Hair Supplies). Don’t forget to brush your hair out before you wash and condition it to avoid tangles afterwards.


Speaking of Brushing
Using the right brush can also provide your hair with some extra care and support during the summer months. Normal brushes have tightly packed teeth, which can damage hair extensions. A gentle boar bristle brush is better for hair extensions because it won’t pull or tug on your hair. A regular brush can be used to get rid of tangles at the ends of the hair though – just be sure to hold the hair securely to avoid unnecessary pulling.


Apply a UV Defence Spray
Before you spend time in the sun, apply a UV defence spray to your natural hair as well as your extensions. This will lock in moisture and help protect your hair’s colour during the summer months. Speak to your stylist about a spray that’s safe for use on extensions. Just be sure to avoid spraying your bonds as it could cause them to slip.

eh hair extensions - after photo

Avoid Buns & Ponytails
If you’ll be getting your hair wet, avoid putting your hair in a high ponytail or bun. Once your hair gets wet, it becomes a lot more prone to tangling, especially when it’s in a high ponytail or bun. Instead, we recommend placing your hair in a loose braid before swimming, which makes it easier to rinse and dry your hair after a swim.


Have a Lightweight Serum on Hand
If your hair is usually prone to frizz, apply a lightweight, oil-based serum to your hair before you head outside. This will keep your hair looking silky smooth by keeping frizz at bay when you expose your hair to the humidity outside.


Be Careful When Applying Sunscreen
Your bonds can slip if they are exposed to oily substances, so be careful when applying sunscreen to your face. While you want to be thorough, try not to get the sunscreen too close to your scalp as sweat can distribute the lotion, which could affect your bonds. You should also be sure to wash your hands after you apply sunscreen in case you end up touching and styling your hair afterwards.


Hair extensions can be one of the best beauty accessories you use this summer, provided you take the necessary steps to keep them looking healthy and strong.

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