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Everything You Need to Know About Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions 01, EH Hair
Oct 20 2021

Everything You Need to Know About Halo Hair Extensions

Halo hair extensions 01, EH Hair

Effortlessly adding volume and length to your hair, while being simple and comfortable to wear, halo hair extensions are one of the most convenient and loved hair extension options available. For some of us, slightly shorter or lighter hair works on most days, but sometimes we just want a more glamorous look or feel like wearing a different style. Or maybe we want to take a break from permanent hair extensions, but still want to enjoy longer hair in the meantime. Clip in halo hair extensions allow you to boost the length and thickness of your hair in seconds, blending seamlessly into your natural hair.


What are halo hair extensions?

Easily applied with clips, halo hair extensions temporarily add more volume and length to your hairstyle, in a way that looks natural and does not damage your hair. Halo extensions are one long piece that sits horizontally below the crown of you head, as opposed to multiple smaller clip in pieces. Halo extensions can be made with real human hair or synthetic hair, and are available in a variety of colours, allowing you to match your extension with the shade of your natural hair.


The many benefits of halo hair extensions

There are countless reasons to invest in a halo hair extension! You can harmoniously add thickness and length to your hair whenever you want a fuller look, and remove the extra hair at the end of the day or night with ease. If that wasn’t amazing enough, halo hair extensions are…


• Customisable and versatile. Clip in halo hair extensions can be matched to any kind of hair thickness and texture, and are available in many colours, allowing you to choose the right piece for you.
• Easier to apply and remove than other hair extensions. Quicker than multiple clip in pieces, halo hair extensions are in one long convenient piece, that blends perfectly between two sections of your natural hair. Applying and removing your halo hair extension can take seconds or minutes, effortlessly creating a stunning result.
• Discreet and natural. Worried that your clip in hair extension will look noticeably separate from your natural hair? Worry no more! When worn correctly, halo hair extensions are completely discreet and blend beautifully with your natural hair.
• Non-damaging to your natural hair. Thanks to the smart clip in design, halo hair extensions hold firmly in your hair without causing damage. The clips will not pull on or rip out strands of hair, which makes halo hair extensions a great support while you are trying to grow out your natural hair to your desired length.
• Long-lasting. When halo hair extensions are well looked after and cared for correctly, you can wear them for up to 12 months, or even longer.
• Cost-effective. Cheaper than permanent hair extensions, halo hair extensions require little maintenance and no regular salon appointments.
• Heat style friendly. With premium quality halo hair extensions made from human hair, you can create any hairstyle that you want, including styles that require heat to achieve.


How to find top quality extensions

To make sure that you can experience all of the benefits of halo hair extensions, you will want to choose extensions that are made with real human hair. For the best quality, look for Remy hair! Remy hair is human hair that still has the cuticles intact. Hair stylists and hair extension wearers love them because they look natural and healthy, and feel soft to the touch. At EH Hair, we are obsessed with our premium quality Remy Jadore clip in halo hair extensions, made with 100% ethically sourced human Russian hair.


Halo hair extensions before and after, EH Hair


How to wear your halo hair extension

1. First, brush through your hair and your halo hair extension to de-tangle and provide the foundation for a smooth application.
2. Split your hair into two sections, horizontally around the crown of your head. Make sure that you leave parts of the hair that frame your face as they are, to create a natural blend and help to hide the base of the extension. Gather the top half of your hair and temporarily tie it up in a bun so that it’s out of the way while you put your halo extension on.
3. Place the halo extension underneath the bun, over the bottom section of your hair. Secure in place with the clips at the base.
4. Let down your bun and brush through all of your hair to blend in your extension. You can fluff your hair a little and move some strands around to blend the hair together nicely.
5. Move your head around to make sure that you have clipped it in place correctly. The halo hair extension should feel comfortable and secure.
6. Finish up any hair styling required for the look that you want to achieve, and you’re done. Just make sure that you use a heat protectant spray if you are heat styling. Enjoy your fuller, bouncier, and luxurious hair!


If you want to wear your halo hair extension for a special occasion, and would prefer if a stylist applied and styled it for you, you can come in to one of our EH Hair salons! Our hair experts can help you achieve the look you want with your halo extension. Our salons are in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and the Gold Coast.


Choosing the right colour

To choose the colour that will perfectly blend with your natural hair, match the shade of the middle of your hair to the ends, as opposed to the roots. If you have ombre hair, our clip in halo extensions are available in ombre colour styles.


Does my natural hair need to be at a certain length?

For halo hair extensions, medium to longer hair that is thin or of medium thickness works best. Since the halo extensions work by blending with existing hair, and come in one single piece, they don’t work well on shorter hair that sits above the shoulders. If your natural hair sits above your shoulders, a set of smaller clip in extensions can work better for you as they will allow for more customisation and will be easier to blend!


How keep your halo hair extension in good condition

With the right care, halo hair extensions can last up to 12 months, sometimes even longer. Luckily, halo hair extensions don’t require too much maintenance – mainly, just the right products and making sure that you wear them at the appropriate times.


• Make sure your hair care products are extension friendly. Use high quality shampoo and conditioners to wash your halo hair extension when needed.
• Style using a heat protective spray. Just like your natural hair, the hair on the halo extension will need to be protected while using heated hair tools, to keep the hair healthy and strong.
• Store in a clip-in storage bag to prevent tangling. When you’re not wearing your halo extension, you will want to make sure that you store it in a way that won’t jeopardise the wearability of the product. A clip-in storage bag designed for hair extensions is a perfect, simple, and portable option.
• Don’t forget to take off your halo hair extension before you go to bed, and leave it at home when you head to the pool or the beach for a swim. Sleeping with your hair extension still applied can cause tangling, and the chlorinated or salt water from the pool or the ocean can dry out your hair, leading to damage in the long run.
• Avoid wearing your extension when you expect to be excessively sweating, like if you are doing a strenuous workout or relaxing in a sauna. The salt and acid that is naturally found in your sweat can dry out the hair extension over time, which will make it prone to tangling and might even cause matting.
• Brush your halo hair extension before and after wear to keep tangling under control.


Beautiful clip in Remy extensions, made from 100% human Russian hair is available at EH Hair!


Achieve that flawless, glamorous look without permanent hair extensions with our high quality halo hair extensions by Jadore. Check out our colour options and find your match, to be on your way to owning your new favourite, game-changing hair accessory.



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