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10 Clever Ways To Make Your Hair Look Longer

longer hair tricks - EH hair & Extensions
Nov 29 2017

10 Clever Ways To Make Your Hair Look Longer

longer hair tricks - EH hair & Extensions

Women with long hair want shorter locks while girls with short hairstyles dream of long ones. It’s a standard rule that will never be broken. Women want to change all the time, and many changes have to do with their hair.


While making long hair short can take less than 10 minutes, the reversed process is not as easy. Here are a few tricks to help your short locks look like long tresses.



Your hair straightener just might be exactly what you need to make your hair look longer! Because of its smooth texture, picture-perfect, straightened hair looks longer, shinier and more glamorous, too!



High hairstyles are a simple and straightforward way to make your hair look longer. Who can tell how much hair you really have in that bun? One of the best updos you can make for longer-looking hair is a doughnut. A doughnut gives the appearance of extra volume. Even shoulder length hair can look very long tied in a doughnut. If your hair is thick enough, you can make Minnie Mouse ears with two doughnuts. A regular bun can do the trick as well.



Yarn braids, box braids, micro braids, Havana twists can all help make hair look longer. Of course, you’ll need hair extensions to get the best results. However, there are many advantages to such an approach. Besides getting thick and long tresses, you get a funky new hairstyle, which protects your natural locks from environmental damage. Such braids can last as long as five weeks and can be styled in many different ways.



Another fast way to make your hair look longer is to use clip-ins. These hair extensions can be clipped to your own locks instantly and stay there for a long time. If you are planning to use clip-ins on a regular basis, consider buying extensions that look as close to natural hair as possible.


The biggest advantage of the clip-ins is that you can add length whenever you feel like it and remove them in a flash. You can also experiment with hair colours you were afraid of using before.



Choosing the right colours for your wardrobe is compulsory to make your hair seem longer. The shirt or dress you wear must be a completely different colour than your hair. Whenever the shades are similar, the hair blends in with your shirt and appears shorter than it really is. If your clothing outlines the hair with a contrasting colour, it will immediately look longer.



The shinier your hair is, the longer it looks but only if you straighten it first. So go through the rounds of straightening the locks with a flat iron and then go on to apply a shine serum. The serum also does a great job preventing fizziness. Straight, shiny locks look longer and more lustrous.



Simple hairpieces are perfect for making your hair look longer in a flash. Even though braids and sew-ins are conquering the market today, hair pieces shouldn’t be left in the past. The best part about them is that they are instant. All you have to do is wash and style your hair and attach a hairpiece to make a ponytail or a bun.


Once you get tired of the hairstyle, just take it off. You can regulate the length of your new hairstyle whenever you wish. Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Melbourne is the ultimate solution for best hair extensions in Australia.



If you have a bob or a shag, it can make your hair appear shorter than it really is. However, the layers can make it look much longer. Go get a haircut to make your tresses appear long and consider asking your hairstylist for an asymmetrical haircut. Making one side shorter than the other adds plenty of length to your overall appearance.



Even if you are used to parting your hair on the side, the time has come to reap the benefits of the middle part. Try parting your hair in the middle and you’ll immediately see how it starts looking longer. By making a side part, you are taking the length away from one of the sides and giving your hairstyle extra width.



The above tricks allow you to make your hair appear longer. While you are using them, consider giving your hair enough vitamins to grow longer naturally. With the right care and nourishment, the hair can grow as much as an inch per month.


We hope these tricks allow you to make your hairstyle dreams come true faster than you hoped for. Visit Emilly Hadrill Hair & Extensions at any one of our salons in the Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne areas for premium 100% Remy hair extensions.



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