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Reasons Why You Should Choose Real Human Hair Extensions

real human hair extensions by EH Hair
Aug 16 2018

Reasons Why You Should Choose Real Human Hair Extensions

real human hair extensions by EH Hair

Have you seen real human hair extensions and want to know if they are the right ones for you?

When you finally decide that you want hair extensions, you are faced with an endless choice of what ones you should get. But, don’t worry; there is only two real choices that you have and this is between synthetic or real human hair extensions.


The simple question you have to ask yourself is what is going to make you feel confident and beautiful? Well, the answer is the best hair extensions that look natural and feel good to wear. So, this narrows your options down even further, leaving only real human hair extensions.


So, let’s look at the reasons why you should always choose real human hair extensions over synthetic ones.


It’s All About Quality

Sometimes you just have to admit that you get what you pay for. We know everyone loves a bargain, but synthetic hair extensions are never worth their price tag. But, real human hair extensions are worth every penny.


When you pay that little bit extra for real human hair extensions, you will find that the naturally sourced hair is shiny, soft and healthy. Most importantly, it looks natural. Synthetic hair has a fake shine and colour that makes it look cheap. On the other hair, human hair extensions come from women that donate their own hair, which means that it is thick and luscious. Hair extensions made from real human hair really do pay off in the long run.


There’s More Colours

The most important thing that every woman wants is for her hair extensions to look natural. With real human hair extensions, you have a much large choice of colours and shades to choose from than you do for synthetic extensions. Of course, when you have more choice, you can choose the best one that suits your natural colour so that it will blend in seamlessly with your own hair. Only you will know you are wearing real human hair extensions.


In addition, real human hair extensions can be dyed without causing too much damage. This means that if you fancy a change or a bold colour, you will be able to do it yourself.


Styling is Easy

real human hair extensions - styling tips
Synthetic hair extensions cannot be straightened or curled, which means you are limited on how you can wear your hair. When you use heat on them, it becomes brittle, loses its shine and gets damaged. But, the good news is that real human hair extensions can be styled with heat. Real hair is a lot stronger and durable, which means that you can use heating tools however you want and the hair will still look beautiful. Of course, like your natural hair, make sure you use a heat protection spray before using styling wands or hair straighteners.


Real Human Hair Extensions Last Longer

The last thing you want is to be out buying new hair extensions every couple of weeks. But thankfully, real human hair extensions last a lot longer than synthetic ones. You can expect real human hair extensions to last up to a year, depending on the type that you have. Whereas synthetic hair extensions will show damage a lot quicker and not last more than a few weeks.



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