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Three Reasons Why Hair Extensions Are So Popular Right Now

hair extensions popular - EH Hair
Jan 22 2018

Three Reasons Why Hair Extensions Are So Popular Right Now

hair extensions popular - EH Hair

Every day in magazines or on television, we see celebrities boasting long and gorgeous hair. Yet, while some people naturally have beautiful hair, a lot of other people use hair extensions to create an attractive and long flowing hairstyle. In fact, hair extensions are more popular now than ever before!


But, why are hair extensions so fashionable and gaining so much attention right now? Let’s have a look and find out!


Instantly Transform Your Style

What everyone loves about hair extensions is that they are able to transform your hairstyle instantly. We all know that our hair can take a long time to grow; in fact, the average hair growth we experience is around 1cm each month. Not exactly thrilling, is it? Everyone wants long and fuller hair immediately and this simple doesn’t go down well with most people. It can take even longer for your hair to grow when you have had a short haircut and regretted your decision; or it certainly seems like it does!


With so many beauty treatments there is a delay before you see and can enjoy the result, but hair extensions allow you to enjoy your new look in no time at all and get an instant confidence boost. You can alter the length of your hair, as well as create volume and texture within just one or two hours. You can boast long and luscious locks and no one will know you are wearing extensions. The attachments are hidden by your natural hair and if you choose high quality Remy hair extensions, you can enjoy having soft, shiny and sleek hair all year round.


What’s more, the great thing about wearing hair extensions is that they are versatile and allow you to style your hair anyway you want. You can wear your hair up or down, as well as straighten and curl it just like your natural hair. The styles you can wear are endless! What is not to like?


Hold Your Curls

You spend hours getting ready for a special occasion; styling your hair and curling it to perfection, only to find that it barely lasts the night. If you have fine and thin hair, you know this story all too well. It doesn’t seem to matter what products you use on your hair, you can’t get your waves or curls to last longer than a few hours. But, this is where hair extensions come in and help you. When extensions are made using the best Remy cuticle hair it is thick and luxurious, and can hold a curl better than your natural hair ever will. Now you can enjoy body and style effortlessly and for the whole night!


Let Your Hair Grow

In our daily lives, our natural hair takes a lot of the stress and damage from environmental factors. For example, curling wands and straighteners use heat to style your hair and these high temperatures can break hair and cause split ends over time. Yet when you have hair extensions, not only can you enjoy beautifully long and luscious locks, but you can also protect your natural hair. Since the majority of your hair is underneath the extensions, you can give your natural hair a break from styling tools and let the extensions take the brunt of the heat. Of course, this will also let your hair grow healthily over time.


In addition, hair extensions allow you to enjoy colour in your hair, without having to use any harsh and damaging chemicals and dyes. For example, peroxide is known to damage your hair since it is very drying and it can make your hair become straw-like and dull. Nobody wants that! Not to mention, some people can have allergic reactions to hair dye and the ingredients they use, which can even cause negative reactions, such as irritation and itching. With hair extensions, this can be a worry of the past. There are a variety of colours you can choose from that allow you to experiment or choose a shade that naturally blends in with your hair. There is no risk and you can simply change it up when you want to. Plus, you can let your natural hair grow healthily without breaking it down with chemicals; you will have a beautiful hair before you know it!


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