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Top Winter Hair Concerns, And How to Resolve Them

Top Winter Hair Concerns, And How to Resolve Them
Apr 21 2020

Top Winter Hair Concerns, And How to Resolve Them

Top Winter Hair Concerns, And How to Resolve Them

We love when the cooler months roll around, particularly after a rough hot summer. But those cooler months can bring with them some common and frustrating issues for our scalp and hair. The summer months may have had us in and out of the water, exposing our hair to salt water or even chlorine and copious sunlight. The winter months can be brutal on our hair in their own way. Just how can we keep our hair looking and feeling healthy when the winter months are upon us?


Simmering the static

The winter months can see a drop in the humidity in the air. The resulting dry air can lead to your hair carrying an electrical charge, or static. The good news is that you don’t need to live with crackly static hair this winter. One of the easiest things that you can do is to ensure you are using a moisturising shampoo. Don’t skip or skimp on the conditioner, either. Consider using a deep conditioning hair mask every other week, to keep your locks soft and moisturised.


Another quick trick to deal with the static is to switch to using a metal comb or brush. This will help to minimise the static and flyaway hair.


Soothing dry scalp

Just as your skin is prone to dryness and itchiness during the winter months, so is your scalp. The drier air and indoor heating can lead to this dryness and itchiness. To resolve this, consider shampooing less often as many shampoos can contain surfactants that are great for cleaning hair but can also have drying properties.


Soothe itchy dry scalps with coconut oil. If you are without extensions, simply apply the coconut oil to your scalp, massage it in, leave it for 10 minutes and rinse your hair clean. There are also a number of itch relieving haircare products that can offer soothing relief when you need it the most.


Minimising split ends

There are a number of factors that could be behind your split ends. The truth is that there is no way to repair split ends once you see them. A trim of the ends of your hair is the only way to truly get rid of split ends. There are haircare products that can help to minimise the appearance of split ends until you are able to get to your stylist for a trim.


You can take steps prevent split ends, including regular trims and using leave-in conditioners. Reducing your use of heat styling tools in the winter months can also help to minimise the risks of split ends.


winter hair concerns - EH Hair tips


Fighting hat hair

Wearing your favourite hat during the winter months will keep you warm and toasty. But that same favourite winter hat can lead to dry and frizzy hair that has lost the style you set before leaving the house. You could simply stop wearing hats in winter, but that won’t keep you warm. You avoid the perils of hat head a number of ways, starting with the use of a leave-in conditioner that will lock in the moisture.


After you style your locks be sure to wait until your hair has cooled before putting your hat on. Warm hair is much more likely to mould to the shape of the hat and will flatten itself against your head. When you arrive at your destination, remove the hat and flip your locks upside down to revive your style. Your hair should have maintained the style you set at home.


Defeat the dryness

Dry air does more than just cause static. It can lead to your hair becoming dry and brittle. It can even lose some of its softness. There are a number of steps you can take to keep your hair from drying out. Start with taking it easy on the heat styling stools for a bit during the winter. Adding more moisture-infusing products, including hydrating masks, can make a world of difference for your locks. Using silk or satin pillowcases can also help to retain some of the moisture in your hair. If you find that your hair is still dry and feeling brittle, consider a leave-in product that will help to restore your softness and shine.


Also, don’t forget that EH Hair & Extensions stylists in salons across Australia can offer you great tips and product recommendations to help keep your locks looking lovely year-round.


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