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How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions Salon Near Me?

Hair Extensions Sydney - EH hair - the best hair salon in Sydney
Mar 18 2019

How to Choose the Best Hair Extensions Salon Near Me?

Hair Extensions Sydney - EH hair - the best hair salon in Sydney

Are you looking for a hair extensions salon in your local area? If it is your first time going for hair extensions or you simply are looking for a new salon, it can be difficult to choose one when there are so many options. Of course, you will want to choose a new place that is near to you. This will make sure that appointments are never a hassle.


So, what are the best ways to find a hair extensions salon nearby and what are the key things you should remember before booking an appointment? Well, let’s have a look so that you can make the best choice.


Log on to Social Media

The great thing is that a lot of hair extensions salon and stylists now have social media pages. This means that you can read customer reviews and you can see what they are saying about the services they have received. In addition, you can use your social media to ask your friends on Facebook and Instagram if they know anyone in the local area.


Ask Around for a Reputable Hair Extensions Salon

In the age of social media, a lot of people forget to ask people around them if they know about a good hair extensions salon. But there is bound to be someone you know that goes to one in the local area. So, ask your friends and family if they know a place you can visit. Perhaps they will even know people that have a recommendation for you.


Speak to the Salon

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Sometimes you just have to pick up the phone and give the hair extensions salon a call. This is one of the best ways to see if you like the customer experience. It is also a good way to ask any questions that you have. You can ask about whether they have Remy hair extensions or the shade that you like you. You can also enquire about the different methods that they use.


Check the Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are definitely going to be valuable for deciding the best hair extensions salon to visit. You can check out their star ratings on Yelp and Google to see if people like the hair extensions service they received and whether they would recommend them. You will be able to view salons in your city by using Google and Yelp, with all the contact information there if you find someone that you like.


Ignore the Prices

Ignoring the prices of a hair extensions salon is easier said than done. But you should try your best not to look at this when you are making your decision. A lot of people judge the salon based on the price. For example, if they are expensive, you may assume they offer a better service. But this is not always true. It is best to look into other information about the salon, such as reviews and social media.


Arrange a Consultation

hair extensions - hair extensions salon near me blog post
A lot of salons will offer a consultation if you are new and before you book an appointment for hair extensions. This is a good opportunity to learn more about the salon and the stylists that work there. Normally, you are not obliged to arrange an appointment, so use this time to ask any questions and see what the vibe is. If you have a hair extension style in mind, you can also bring photos and ask what the stylish can do for you. Also, be sure to see what the salon itself looks like. This includes the cleanliness and the products they have available.


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