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Let’s Discuss Our Top 8 Healthy Hair Habits

healthy hair habits - blog post featured image
Jun 18 2020

Let’s Discuss Our Top 8 Healthy Hair Habits

healthy hair habits - blog post featured image

Do you have healthy hair? What are your haircare habits like? If you find that your hair is thinning, splitting or breaking, you may not have the healthiest hair habits. Beautiful healthy hair begins with good hair care habits. Believe it or not, there is more to good hair care than washing and brushing your hair. Particularly if you happen to be considering extensions. You can readily avoid unhealthy, dull and dry hair with some easy hair habits that are a breeze to integrate into your daily routine.


1. Shampooing your hair with a focus on strength

Shampooing your hair is an important step in ensuring that your hair is healthy. Many of us tend to simply focus on shampoo as being just what we need to keep our hair clean. Certainly, it does serve that purpose. However, using a shampoo that is free from sulfates every other day can help to keep your hair strong. Just what is wrong with sulfates?


Sulfates are detergents. They are found in a majority of shampoos. They can lead to a weakening of the hair follicles. This can leave your hair at an increased risk for breakage. You may also start to notice that your hair is thinning, after some time. Those who have coloured their hair recently may also notice that their colour fades faster, as sulfates can potentially pull pigment from your hair. Shampoos without sulfates will gently clean your scalp and hair. The result will be healthy hair that is free from debris, sebum buildup and on the way to becoming stronger.


2. Don’t avoid using conditioner

It can be tempting to skip the conditioner. Particularly if you have hair that leans to the oilier side. However, the key is to condition the ends and skip frequently conditioning the hair closest to your scalp. The only exception is if you have extensions installed. Extensions, made from human hair, require conditioning in order to keep them from becoming dried out and brittle. Consider using a quality conditioner each time that you shampoo your hair. A leave-in conditioner used once a week can also make a world of difference.

eh hair - actual customer/model image


3. Keep up with a trim schedule

It can be tempting to skip the regular trim and visit with your hair stylist. This is however one of the most important steps to ensuring your hair is healthy. It may feel counterproductive if you’re looking to grow out your hair. However, regular trims will keep your hair healthy by helping to manage split ends. Splits ends, if not removed, can split further and lead to more damage to your hair. Consider going to see your stylist every 6 to 8 weeks, or more if your hair grows quickly.


4. Considering the brushes you use

It’s no secret that not all hair brushes are created equal. Ensuring that you are using the right brush for your hair, and for the extensions that you may be wearing, can make a considerable difference in how healthy your hair is. For hair that is curly or textured a synthetic fibre brush is the better option. These brushes tend to be much more flexible.


A boar’s bristle brush is considered to be a good option, for straight and fine hair and for those with extensions. It can help to promote volume and a healthy shine. It is important to ensure that the brush you use will detangle the hair without risking any damage. Your brush shouldn’t snag or stretch your natural hair or your extensions. If you aren’t entirely sure which type of brush is best for your hair type, your hair stylist can make recommendations for you.


5. Ease up on the heat styling tools

We all love our heat styling tools. Blow dryers, curlers, straighteners and more. They can help us achieve the looks that we want. However, they can do a number on our hair. The heat from our favourite tools can damage and weaken hair. The result will be dried out brittle hair that is prone to breakage. There are good heat protectant spray products that could be incorporated into your routine. This is important for those days when you simply can’t do without the use of your styling tools. Use the lowest settings on your styling tools in addition to using the thermal protectant sprays, to prevent your hair from being harmed.

EH Hair & Extensions - customer/model image for blog post


6. Focusing on a healthy diet

Did you know that your diet can play an important role in the health of your hair? Healthy glossy hair begins from within. Be sure that you’re hydrated, eating a diet that contains plenty of protein-rich foods and ample fresh fruits and vegetables. Taking a multivitamin can also be beneficial, as being deficient in one or more vitamins can potentially result in hair loss.


7. Controlling hair breakage

You know the importance of using the right products and brushes to protect your hair and minimise breakage. There are further steps that you can take, to minimise damage to your hair. If your hair is longer, try to avoid pulling your hair up or back often as it can put pressure on your hair follicles. Also try to use hair ties that are gentle.


When your hair is wet you should avoid rubbing it firmly with a regular bath towel, be sure to use a microfiber towel and pat it dry instead. If you need to brush out or comb your hair when it’s wet, start at the ends and move slowly up as you detangle it. Wet hair is incredibly fragile and very prone to breakage.


8. Protecting your hair at night

Keeping your hair protected while you sleep can keep it healthier and free from breakage. Consider investing in a silk pillowcase or using a leave-in conditioner or mask overnight, to get glossy healthy results the next day.


Be proactive about the health of your hair. Small changes to your hair care routine can create huge health benefits for your luscious locks. Be sure to also protect your hair from the harsh rays of the sun, particularly during the summer months. Stronger and beautiful hair awaits if you follow these simple healthy hair habits.

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