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Looking for Hair Extensions? We Have 6 Reasons You Should Choose EH Hair

EH hair extensions before and after 001
Dec 19 2019

Looking for Hair Extensions? We Have 6 Reasons You Should Choose EH Hair

EH hair extensions before and after 001

We seem to live in a world of convenience. From being able to order all of your groceries on your phone while you’re at work, book a car with the touch of a button, and being able to purchase hair colour and styling products without needing to consult with a stylist. While there are definite benefits to having this type of convenience, there are always going to be some limitations and concerns.


Just like you can order the latest novel from your favourite author, you can certainly order hair extensions online, and select the length and colour that you’re most interested in. But there are some drawbacks that you should be aware of when it comes to ordering sight unseen. So, what is the best course of action, when you want hair extensions?


Working with a good stylist can help you not just find the right types of extensions to meet your styling goals and needs, but also to ensure that you are getting the best in quality products.


We’ve put together some of the best reasons that highlight the importance of working with one of EH Hair’s talented stylists when you are getting extensions.


1. Your stylist understands your hair and its needs

Not all hair extensions are created equally, and your hair stylist will be well aware of this. In addition, your stylist will be aware of the types of extensions that will be best suited for your natural hair type. Those with fine hair may not be able to use some extensions, as they may potentially damage your hair. Working closely with your EH Hair stylist, you’ll be able to pick out the right extensions for you in no time at all.


2. Your hair extensions can last much longer

While it’s certainly possible for you to place your own hair extensions, you will find that when they are applied by a skilled and experienced stylist, they are much more likely to last longer. This is because your stylist will know how to correctly set the hair extensions in place, which will result in much mess slippage.
EH hair extensions before and after 002

3. Avoiding damage, preserving your natural hair

Just about any type of product that you use on your hair has the potential to damage it, if it is not the right product for your hair type. If your hair extensions are incorrectly applied to your natural hair, there is the potential for causing damage to your natural hair. If your hair is already damaged, you’re at an increased risk of splitting and breakage.


Regardless of the type of extension you are using, whether tape, microbead, weft or clip-in, if they are applied or maintained poorly, they can potentially lead to damage.


You could see an increase in hair falling out, damage to the hair and have an increased risk of getting a condition known as traction alopecia. One of our specialist EH stylists will know how to affix your extensions in a way that protects your natural hair and your scalp.


4. Lowered risk of scalp sensitivity

If you already have a sensitive scalp then you definitely do not want to risk placing extensions yourself, or without the skilled touch offered by one of our stylists. A talented and experienced stylist can place your extensions in a way that will protect your scalp and minimise your discomfort.
EH hair extensions before and after 003

5. Questions and concerns can be addressed

There is certainly plenty of advice to be found on the internet. But you simply can’t beat the advice and experience offered by a stylist who knows you and knows your hair. Your stylist will place your extensions well and also offer you valuable aftercare advice that will help to protect your natural hair and also extend the life of your extensions.


6. Recommendations for the right products

The skill and experience offered by your stylist will prove to be invaluable when it comes to recommending the right type of haircare and hair styling products to suit your hair type and also to suit your lifestyle. More than that, your stylist will be your point of contact when you have questions or concerns about the types of products that you are using. If you experience issues with a specific product, you’ll find your stylist offers a world of knowledge to help you with any concerns you’re facing.


It is super easy to book your hair extensions consultation at one of EH Hair salons across Australia, just fill our online booking form, or give us a call on 1300 181 000.

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