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Essential Things to Know Before Visiting a Hair Salon

EH Hair salon in Brisbane
Sep 10 2020

Essential Things to Know Before Visiting a Hair Salon

EH Hair salon in Brisbane

If you’re planning your next hair salon visit, it’s time to get clear on the results you want when you walk out the door.


Changing your hair colour or getting a dramatic cut can affect you in a big way, leaving you with more confidence and a feeling of empowerment. However, before you sit down in that stylist’s chair, it’s important to set some realistic expectations.


What You Should Know Before Your Hair Appointment

To ensure you achieve beautiful results when visiting a hair salon, here are some essential tips and considerations.


Understand Your Hair Texture

You might have a hairstyle in mind but this doesn’t mean your hair’s going to play along. By understanding your hair texture, you can choose a realistic style that a professional can recreate. For example, if you have thin, fine hair, it’s going to be difficult to achieve a major boost in texture and volume. Rather look for styles that match your hair texture for the best results.


Photos Really Help

Bringing in photos of the styles you had in mind can really help your stylist. Look for photos that clearly show the cut, texture and colour you want to achieve. If you haven’t already, create a Pinterest board where you can easily collect your favourite hair photos. Be wary of photos you find on Instagram though as there’s a good chance the photo has been edited and doesn’t truly represent what the model’s hair looks like.

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Know Your Face Shape

Do you have an oval, round, square or heart-shaped face? Knowing your face shape makes it that much easier to choose the right hairstyle. If you’re unsure about your face shape, look at your jawline.


– Jawlines that jut out toward the sides create a square face shape
– A rounded jawline from chin to ears creates a round face shape
– An angled jawline and pointy chin create an oval face shape
– A sharp chin and a curved jawline create a heart-shaped face


The hairstyle you choose should ultimately make your face look oval. If you already have an oval face shape, you can pull off any hairstyle.


Keep Your Lifestyle in Mind

Your hairstyle should represent who you are and fit in with your lifestyle. If you have a busy life and don’t often have time to do your hair, you may want to stay away from styles that require a lot of attention in the mornings.


Set Extra Time & Money Aside for Creative Colours

If you’re thinking about trying out a creative colour on your hair, be aware that this requires additional time. Creative colours also tend to be slightly more expensive. It should also be noted that colours such as pink, silver and blue don’t last as long as browns and blondes. In most instances, you will need a touch-up every month, so prepare yourself for regular maintenance and additional costs. If you’re considering a rainbow ombre, get ready to commit. Not only is it costly but you will be at the salon for at least 6 hours.


Prepare Yourself for a Change

A quick trim or touch up isn’t a big deal. However, if you’ve decided to drastically change your hairstyle, it’s important to be prepared. If the change is elaborate, rather don’t make any spontaneous decisions – the change is going to last several months. Feeling unsure about the style and colour you’re considering? Ask a friend or loved one for a second opinion. Fortunately, whatever you decide, your hair will always grow back and out again.

EH hair & Extensions team - Don’t Forget to Ask Your Stylist These Six Hair Extensions Questions

Making Dark Hair Light is a Process

If you have dark brown or black hair but want to go blonde or silver, brace yourself for multiple steps and additional time in your stylist’s chair. If you dyed your hair dark more than once, your stylist needs to remove layers of colour to achieve the effect you’re hoping for. In fact, you may need to come back for a second appointment. If you have the time, however, it’s possible to get it all done during one appointment.


At-Home Hair Care Matters

What you do your hair in between your salon appointments makes a difference. Depending on the hairstyle and colour you decide on, you may need to add some additional products to your weekly routine such as a hair mask. Protecting your locks while styling them with heat is also important. Healthy hair looks good for longer and won’t require as many follow-up appointments. Ask your hairstylist about the products you should be using for your hair.


Getting a new hairstyle doesn’t need to be risky – the more information you can give your stylist, the better your results will be. By communicating clearly, your hairstyle can also be honest about what is and isn’t possible. This way, both you and your stylist feel confident while you’re in the chair.

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