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What are The Best Hair Extensions, Really?

What are The Best Hair Extensions, Really?
Aug 19 2019

What are The Best Hair Extensions, Really?

What are The Best Hair Extensions, Really?

So, what are the best hair extensions to help you to achieve your hair and styling goals? Let’s face it, we’ve all given thought to adding hair extensions at one point or another. Whether you’re looking for more styling versatility for your shorter hair or you’re simply looking to add more volume, hair extensions can help you to achieve your hair goals in almost no time at all.


At EH Hair & Extensions we see clients who are looking for the versatility and the added fun that extensions can offer. Whether for a formal event like a wedding or for casual wear for those nights out, hair extensions are truly one of the easiest ways for you to alter your look.


But just how do you determine which type of hair extensions will help you to get the right look each and every time? Let’s take a look at some of the hair extension options that you have available to you.


Synthetic vs. human hair extensions

Perhaps the first thing that you should be aware of is that hair extensions are found in both synthetic and human hair options.


Synthetic hair is made using a blend of very fine fibres. The fibres are manufactured to look and feel very close to human hair, with a few noticeable differences.


● The quality of synthetic extensions varies of course, but they can often feel much stiffer than their human hair extension counterparts.
● They may look great but they also move differently than human hair does, so they may not blend perfectly with your natural hair.
● Some synthetic extensions can have a coarse feel to them.
● Synthetic hair cannot be coloured, as most hair dyes contain bleach or ammonia which can destroy the synthetic fibres.
● Synthetic hair cannot be styled in the same way that natural hair can, because they can be melted or damaged by high temperature styling tools.


Human hair extensions are made from donor hair. They do offer a number of benefits over synthetic hair for those who prefer them.


Human hair extensions look and feel just like your natural hair, because they are hair.
● They can blend in well with your natural hair and will move in the same way that your hair does.
● They feel silky soft, just like your own hair.
● They can be coloured by a stylist.
● They can be styled just like you would style your own natural hair.


Synthetic hair extensions do tend to cost less than real hair extensions, but the tradeoff is that they typically do not last as long as the human hair extensions tend to. When clients come into one of our EH Hair & Extensions locations, whether in our Gold Coast, Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne salons, we work to evaluate the needs of each client. This allows us to help you pick out the hair extensions that will work for you, regardless of where you plan on wearing them.


Clip-in hair extensions

EH Hair clip-ins 2019-08-19
The clip-in hair extension is a great option if you’re looking to occasionally alter your look. Also called clip-in wefts, they are contoured pieces that are held together with a fabric or silicone base with clips on it. All you need to do to get ready with clip-in extensions is simply clip them to your natural hair, style and go.
They remain one of the most popular types of hair extensions for our EH Hair & Extensions clients, due in large part to their versatility and ease of use.


Clip-ins are offered in synthetic and human hair options, and the same treatment rules apply to them just as they would other types of extensions. Brush, shampoo, condition and gently blow dry on low-medium heat. With the right type of care, they can last between 3 to 12 months, depending on the hair type you choose and also how often you wear them.


These extensions are ideal for adding versatility in length and volume, when and where you need it.


Tape-in hair extensions

EH Hair - invisible tape hair extensions
Where clip-in extensions use a clip, tape-in extensions use a type of tape to secure them to your natural hair. They typically need to be applied to your natural hair by a professional hair stylist, because they need to be aligned with your natural roots. It’s also advisable to have a professional hair stylist remove the extensions when you are ready. It can take up to an hour to apply the semi-permanent tape-in extensions.


You do need to take care when using conditioners and hair products, because they can have an effect on the glue used. The tape can close loosen and your extensions will simply slide off. We often recommend that our clients with tape-in extensions use specific hair care products that will help to preserve the condition of the extensions, specifically products that are free from sulphates, parabens, protein and keratin.


These extensions are considered to be semi-permanent and should last 4- 6 weeks before they need to be removed and reapplied. They are the ideal extension option if you are looking for something a little more permanent than clip-ins, and are a great choice if you’ll be travelling for work or pleasure. You’ll get the hair versatility that you need, without needing to worry about clipping in your extensions each morning.


Microbead hair extensions

microbead hair extensions
Microbead extensions are perfect if you’re looking to add a very natural boost in length or volume to your hair. Microbead extensions are attached as individual strands, which are secured in place using a small, discreet bead which is simply clamped to attach. These beads will stay in place for 6 – 8 weeks, until your hairdresser removes them using a specialised tool to move them back up as your hair grows.

As they’re applied as individual strands, you can still run your fingers through your hair like you would normally. This makes them very popular for clients after a more low maintenance option.


Weft hair extensions

For those who are looking for a more permanent solution to add volume and length, weft hair extensions can be just what you’re looking for. Long sections of extensions (called skirts) are applied in a U-shape along the back of your head, and are braided, beaded or sewn in place. It’s the best choice for thicker hair, as it can cause strain on the hair that tape or microbead extensions don’t. Thin hair can become damaged from this type of strain.


These types of extensions are ideal if you want a brand-new fresh look that will last up to 6 – 8 weeks before needing a move-up appointment.


If you know the look that you’d like to achieve, we highly recommend that you meet with one of our hair extensions experts so that we can find the perfect solution for you. Hair extensions truly are a versatile hair styling tool, and the best extension is the extension that helps you to meet your aesthetic goals.


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