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Considering Extensions? Here’s Why 
Tape Extensions Are Better!

Eh Hair tape hair extensions - real customer photo 04/2020
Apr 14 2020

Considering Extensions? Here’s Why 
Tape Extensions Are Better!

Eh Hair tape hair extensions - real customer photo 04/2020

Once you experience the added style versatility that extensions can bring with them, you’ll be a fan for life. There are a number of hair extension types and they’re all fairly easy to use. But which hair extension type is the best choice? We like to think that tape extensions are the better option for your style needs. Particularly when compared to clip-ins and sewn-in extensions.


The benefits of tape-in hair extensions exceed those of other hair extension methods. Interested in learning why we believe this? Read on!


Easy maintenance, for flawless styles

Tape-in hair extensions are exceptionally easy to maintain and keep looking their absolute best. Once your extensions are in place, you may even forget that they are there. Extensions can be curled, braided, washed and dried just like your natural hair. Keep them free from tangles and sleep with them in a loose braid to protect them while you sleep. You’ll find there’s almost no difference between caring for your natural hair and caring for your hair with extensions in place.


Whether you’re looking for elegant loose French twists or perhaps a long flowing cascading look, the ease of maintenance of extensions will allow you to get the looks that you love.


Less damage for natural hair

Tape-in extensions can be a great solution for fine hair or even for thinning hair concerns. Extensions can restore the lost volume and keep you feeling your best. One of the best benefits of tape-in extensions is that they are lightweight. This will ensure that they don’t place undue pressure on the hair follicles. As your natural hair grows, your extensions will simply move with the hair and won’t pull or tug.


Realistic look, for little effort

One of the major concerns we all have when it comes to extensions is that we simply don’t want them to look fake. We want the benefits of extensions but don’t want the look of extensions. You’ll find that tape-in hair extensions can offer you natural results, with little effort put forth. To ensure that you get the best in realistic looks for your locks, it’s important that you invest in quality extensions. Human hair tape-in extensions can add the length and volume that you’re looking for. Quality extensions won’t tangle or get matted. As a result, you will be able to style and dry your extensions just as you would your natural hair.
tape hair extensions by EH Hair & Extensions - real customer photo


Costs you can appreciate

Let’s face it, extensions can be costly. That said, you don’t want to go the cheap route and opt for synthetic hair that won’t give you the look you need. Tape-in extensions, human hair extensions, can be the most budget-friendly semi-permanent extension method.


Reusable, for looks you’ll love

Did you know that many quality tape-in extensions can be reusable, for up to 12 months? You’ll find that you can enjoy 5 or 6 applications of your extensions, if they are maintained well. The ability to reuse your tape-in extensions is a great benefit, particularly if you’ve customised the extensions with a colour to perfectly match your natural hair.


It is important that you invest in high quality extensions so that you are assured of their durability and reusability.


Tape-in extensions offer you the versatility and flexibility that you are looking for. Whether you are looking to restore a look you’ve lost as a result of a bad cut or thinning hair, or you’re looking for something entirely new, you’ll fall for the way that extensions allow you to get just the right style, every time.


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