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Crucial Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Beautiful bride wearing hair extensions
Jan 17 2019

Crucial Reasons to Wear Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Beautiful bride wearing hair extensions

Are you thinking about hair extensions for your wedding? This is one of our most popular requests from brides across the country. Your wedding is one of the most special and exciting days of your life. It is a day that a lot of young girls dream about and also one that you spend months planning. You want to make sure everything is perfect.


While the venue and the décor are important (as well as your wedding dress), one of the biggest decisions you have as a bride is your hairstyle for the special day. After all, you are going to be the centre of attention walking down the aisle, with all eyes on you. Whether you have short or long hair, the chances are you want to try out a new style for the big day. So, will hair extensions help you achieve this? Absolutely!


Let’s look at the crucial reasons to wear hair extensions for your wedding.


Add Volume with Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Do you want to feel confident on your wedding day? You can rock your favourite hairstyle thanks to the volume hair extensions create. Hair extensions instantly add the volume you need to make your hair look luscious and thicker. This is going to be particularly helpful for those who have thin and fine hair and could do with a little bit of help on their special day. So, whether you want to wear your hair down or up for walking down the aisle, hair extensions are going to help you achieve the best style.


Hair extensions for your wedding, bride photo 02


Create Length for a Fairy-tale Wedding

A lot of brides choose hair extensions for their wedding day. One of the main reasons for this is that they can effortlessly create length and give you long and luscious locks. Everyone wants long and beautiful hair. In fact, most people have been growing their hair for years without any success. Well, this is all about to change with help from hair extensions. You can instantly add length and make your dream wedding style a reality. What’s more, hair extensions aren’t noticeable, so adding length while still appear natural. By choosing the colour that best compliments your hair shade, you can enjoy wearing your hair extensions on your wedding day without anyone noticing.


No Damage to Your Natural Hair

They always say no pain no gain. But, this rule doesn’t apply when you choose hair extensions. There are some methods that you choose that will not damage your natural hair at all. This includes tape hair extensions and weft hair extensions. In fact, did you know that having hair extensions can actually help your natural hair grow healthily? In addition, hair extensions may help hide hair breakage and distressed ends until your hair is back to normal.
So, don’t hesitate to choose hair extensions because you think they will damage your hair on your wedding day; they will do the opposite!


Choose Any Hairstyle You Wish For

Sometimes, we have to admit that our hair just isn’t thick enough or long enough for certain hairstyles. But the good news is that hair extensions can revolutionise the way you style your hair, especially on your wedding day! If you have thin hair that doesn’t let you hold a tight bun or the texture of your hair means that you cannot keep your curls for more than an hour, hair extensions can make this a problem of the past.


If you want to try out a new look with hair extensions for your wedding, you can choose from a broad range of shades, lengths, and styles. You can achieve a soft, silky appearance without the need to chemically colour your hair which can be damaging and uncomfortable. Aside from the variety of styles, you can also choose from a wide array of hair extension textures. This allows you to mix and match various hair colours and textures.


Plus, whatever hairstyle you choose will be temporary with hair extensions for your wedding day. This means that you can enjoy the beautiful style for your wedding and simply return to your normal hairstyle afterwards. There is no commitment. When you choose Remy hair extensions, you will also be able to curl or straighten your hair for your wedding day.


Of course, it is recommended to have a trial run with your hair extensions and new style before the big day. This will make sure that you have chosen a hairstyle that you love and that your wedding day will be a day that you never forget!


Bridal hairstyle, EH Hair & Extensions


Easy to Use and Saves Time

Choosing your wedding hair is a customised, individual process. In most cases, styling your wedding hair can take several minutes or even hours. While there’s no wrong way to look on your big day, hair extensions can help you save time and effort.


Some hair extensions can be easily applied using high-quality double-sided tape. They are usually attached to a portion of your natural hair and a few adjustments are needed. After the wedding, you’ll just need to use a special bond removal solution.


Other hair extension methods will just require special clips to achieve your desired hair length on your wedding day. This allows you to have that voluminous and beautiful hairstyle without too much hassle.


Offers a High Level of Comfort

A combination of hair products can lead to damage, tangles, and scalp discomforts which you won’t want to happen on your big day. EH hair extensions can prevent this from happening while ensuring that you will look and feel your best on the day of your wedding.


Hair extensions are easy to apply and do not produce any pain or discomfort during the process. Wearing them offers a high level of comfort since they are incredibly lightweight and you won’t even feel that you’re wearing hair extensions. In addition, they adhere well to your natural hair so you will not feel any pressure on your scalp. This makes movement easier and more comfortable during your wedding.


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