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Seven Reasons Why Tape-In Hair Extensions are the Best for Summer

Seven Reasons Why Tape-In Hair Extensions are the Best for Summer
Oct 31 2018

Seven Reasons Why Tape-In Hair Extensions are the Best for Summer

Seven Reasons Why Tape-In Hair Extensions are the Best for Summer

If there is a favourite season during the year it has got to be summer. From relaxing on golden sandy beaches to outdoor parties and recreational activities, everyone wants to have fun when the sun is shining and go on vacation.


Of course, you may be wanting to enjoy a new look and hairstyle for the season and to really make it a summer to remember. Well, the best way that you can do this is by choosing tape-in hair extensions. You can say goodbye to the old you and welcome long and luscious hair!


Why should you choose tape-in hair extensions? Well, let’s find out.


They are a Confidence Booster

One of the main reasons that women wear hair extensions is to feel confidence with their appearance. Tape hair extensions are a great way to do this. You can increase the length of your hair, as well as enjoy better volume. Tape-in hair extensions are simple to attach and won’t take long either. This means that you can enjoy a fantastic summer style and feel amazing too. A new hairstyle can be just what you need!


They are Invisible

The last thing you want is for everybody to know you are wearing hair extensions. But, the good thing is that you can enjoy a natural hairstyle with tape-in hair extensions. The tape that is used makes them invisible, lying flat to the head so the Remy hair blends in with your natural hair. Plus, when it gets hot during the summer and you want to wear your hair up in a ponytail or bun, you will be able to do this when you are wearing tape-in hair extensions. They will be undetectable and still look amazing.


Invisible tape in haor extensions by EH Hair


They are Comfortable and Lightweight

When you are wearing hair extensions, you want to be able to wear them all day without being bothered by them, especially when it is hot in the summer. Well, that is exactly what you get when you choose tape-in hair extensions! They are designed to be lightweight, which means that you won’t feel uncomfortable when it’s sunny. The tape is really light and does not pull on the scalp so you can look good and feel good.


Tape-In Hair Extensions can be Styled

Synthetic hair extensions cannot be curled or straightened, which means that this limits the summer hairstyles that you can enjoy. But, you have total freedom with tape-in hair extensions. You are able to use straightening or curling irons on Remy tape-in hair extensions, which means that you can enjoy long and sleek hair or go for curly beach waves. It is totally up to you! Just be sure to use a heat protection spray on your tape-in hair extensions like you would on your natural hair to prevent any damage. What’s more, you can wear your hair in braids, ponytails and any other style too and still enjoy a natural look.


They are Reusable

Let’s face it; Remy tape-in hair extensions can be more expensive than clip-in or synthetic hair extensions. But, while their initial price may be more than other options, they are actually more economical in the long run. This is because tape-in hair extensions actually last a long time and they can be reused. The tape method means that you can take them out and re-tape them back in during the summer up to three times. So, if you want to change your style or mix it up with fun colours for different occasions, choose tape-in hair extensions.


Invisible tape hair extensions - EH Hair


They are Waterproof

You are much more likely to be active during the summer, which means being outdoors. Of course, there are rainstorms during the summer and it is easy to get caught in one. If you wear hair extensions, this can be worrying. But, tape-in hair extensions are actually waterproof. In fact, you will be able to go swimming in them too. The colour will not fade and the tape should not slip either. What’s more, when it is hot and the sun is shining, sweat should not affect your tape-in hair extensions. So, you can enjoy a beautiful style anywhere, rain or shine!


They are Long-Lasting

When you are having fun in the summer, the last thing that you want to be thinking about is heading to the salon. Well, thankfully you don’t have to do this when you choose tape-in hair extensions. You can enjoy the beauty of long and luscious hair for up to six weeks without any adjustments. Tape-in hair extensions are easy to maintain and since they are waterproof and reusable, you really have little to do during the summer, except for look and feel amazing!



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