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Aug 20 2020

Why You Should be Buying Professional Hair Care Products from Salons

We all want to maintain healthy, shiny, beautiful hair. In order to do this, you need to be smart about where you buy your hair care products from.   You aren’t going to achieve perfect hair by using supermarket products. Next time you get your hair cut or coloured, ask your hairdresser for their professional recommendations.   Here are five reasons why you should be buying professional hair care products from salons.   Nourish your hair with active ingredients The biggest difference between professional and supermarket hair care products lies in the quality of ingredients. We expect...

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Feb 09 2016

What Is The Big Deal About Paraben and Sulfate In Our Hair Care Products?

Shampoo would be one of the most essential cosmetic products in a woman’s bathroom. We rely on it for the health and look of our hair, but there are certain chemicals used in some shampoo that might be causing more harm than good.   Paraben, for example, is a chemical substance that is used not only in shampoos but in the majority of cosmetic products as well. Paraben is used to prolong the shelf life of a product as it inhibits bacterial growth. Paraben is a cheap product making it attractive to manufacturing...

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