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healthy hair habits - blog post featured image
Jun 18 2020

Let’s Discuss Our Top 8 Healthy Hair Habits

Do you have healthy hair? What are your haircare habits like? If you find that your hair is thinning, splitting or breaking, you may not have the healthiest hair habits. Beautiful healthy hair begins with good hair care habits. Believe it or not, there is more to good hair care than washing and brushing your hair. Particularly if you happen to be considering extensions. You can readily avoid unhealthy, dull and dry hair with some easy hair habits that are a breeze to integrate into your daily routine.   1. Shampooing your...

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EH Hair team
Jun 05 2020

A Beginners Guide to Making the Most of Your Hair Extensions Consultation

Not everyone is lucky enough to be born with thick hair that grows without any problems. For everyone else, there are hair extensions.   Hair extensions are designed to give you instant length, volume and a glamourous, goddess-like look. Installing extensions also gives you the opportunity to experiment with colour without having to make a long-term change you aren’t crazy about.   You might have already found that it’s quite easy to buy hair extensions online. However, it’s always better to schedule a consultation with a professional stylist at a salon that specialises in...

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May 28 2020

Is Longer Hair Sexier?

Long hair, short hair or perhaps a mid-length bob. The length of your hair can inspire countless new and interesting hairstyles. It can also have a direct impact on the way that you feel. Are you single and ready to start meeting new people? Then you may be wondering if it’s time to refresh your look. Perhaps by adding extensions to give your current cut a bit of extra length?   Do men prefer longer hair? Is it worth investing in extensions to get the longer length that you want, while your...

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unhappy woman with damage hair
May 19 2020

6 Helpful Tips to Repair Your Damaged Hair

Your hair allows you to creatively express yourself, recreate your look from day to day, and can quite often define your signature look. All the work we put into making our hair look just the way that we want it to can also have a major downside. Blow drying, chemicals, products and other heat styling tools can all take a toll on the health of your hair.   Is your hair looking lackluster? Do you have dry hair, split ends and a multitude of other concerns that need to be addressed? The...

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EH Hair & Extensions salon Brisbane salon - the best hair salon in Brisbane
May 14 2020

Looking for A New Hair Salon? A Quick Guide for Choosing the Best Hair Salon in Your City

Have you recently moved to a new city? Perhaps you’re simply looking for a new hair salon that can better meet your needs? You could simply pick a hair salon based upon its proximity to your home or workplace, but if you truly want to get exceptional results each and every time, you should take the time to select the right salon. Some might venture to say that finding the perfect hair salon is actually harder than finding the perfect significant other! But it doesn’t need to be.   What should your...

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Top Winter Hair Concerns, And How to Resolve Them
Apr 21 2020

Top Winter Hair Concerns, And How to Resolve Them

We love when the cooler months roll around, particularly after a rough hot summer. But those cooler months can bring with them some common and frustrating issues for our scalp and hair. The summer months may have had us in and out of the water, exposing our hair to salt water or even chlorine and copious sunlight. The winter months can be brutal on our hair in their own way. Just how can we keep our hair looking and feeling healthy when the winter months are upon us?   Simmering the...

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Eh Hair tape hair extensions - real customer photo 04/2020
Apr 14 2020

Considering Extensions? Here’s Why 
Tape Extensions Are Better!

Once you experience the added style versatility that extensions can bring with them, you’ll be a fan for life. There are a number of hair extension types and they’re all fairly easy to use. But which hair extension type is the best choice? We like to think that tape extensions are the better option for your style needs. Particularly when compared to clip-ins and sewn-in extensions.   The benefits of tape-in hair extensions exceed those of other hair extension methods. Interested in learning why we believe this? Read on!   Easy maintenance, for flawless...

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EH hair Extensions - the truth about hair extensions and hair damage - blog post
Mar 24 2020

The Truth about Hair Extensions and Hair Damage

Damage is one of the main reasons why some women avoid hair extensions but do they actually cause as much damage as you think?   If you’re keen on the idea of having Rapunzel-type locks, you’ll know how easy they are to achieve with the help of extensions. However, the one thing that deters many women from creating this look is the idea that extensions will damage their natural hair.   There seems to be a lot of conflicting information about this online but we’re going to set the record straight.   A Few Things...

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Taking Better Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Summer Months
Feb 19 2020

Taking Better Care of Your Hair Extensions During the Summer Months

Heat can do a number on your hair and if you want to protect your new extensions when the sun’s at its harshest, these tips will help.   What’s not to love about summer? The warm sun, salty sea breezes and spending time outdoors – summer gives us some of the best months of the year. Unfortunately, these warmer months aren’t always kind to your hair, especially if you have hair extensions.   You’ve just invested in hair extensions and want them to last as long as possible, which is why you’ll need to...

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EH hair extensions before and after 001
Dec 19 2019

Looking for Hair Extensions? We Have 6 Reasons You Should Choose EH Hair

We seem to live in a world of convenience. From being able to order all of your groceries on your phone while you’re at work, book a car with the touch of a button, and being able to purchase hair colour and styling products without needing to consult with a stylist. While there are definite benefits to having this type of convenience, there are always going to be some limitations and concerns.   Just like you can order the latest novel from your favourite author, you can certainly order hair extensions online,...

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